Comedian Otto Ortiz seeks legal advice to sue Cuban government agency

Editorial by CubitaNOW ~ September 19, 2023 Tuesday

Star Cuban comedian Otto Ortiz has sought legal advice to sue Empresa de Seguros Nacionales, the state-owned company ESEN, after months of waiting for an answer about his car.

Ortiz used Raúl Castro’s phrase to show the hypocrisy and double standards of Cuban government institutions.

“Every now and then, more often than I would like, I put a phrase from Raoul, that all images, whether posters or caricatures, should rule rather than images of leaders in this country. The ESEN in question, with its entire board, puts the socialist enterprise in a very bad light, for years it has been signing contracts and making unfulfilled contracts, and it knows it, instead it devotes itself to meeting its dissatisfied customers. Time and to prolong his agony,” Ortiz began.

The comedian left a number of suggestions for the state insurance company: “In a country where importing cars is no longer a crime, a significant number of cars taken from rentals are sent to a company dedicated to scrapping them for sale. In a country where parking lots are full of unused cars, it is absurd that this company, ESEN, continues the same rhetoric as it did years ago without giving a concrete answer. ESEN, don’t fool us anymore, remove car replacement from your insurance policy, stick with what you have, and try again later.”

The artist asked for legal advice on suing the aforementioned company: “If anyone knows of a lawyer, or if there is any way I can sue the company, please let me know. I have the right to do so according to the constitution, any leader who does not comply with the established for bad work or breach of contract or I have the right to take the company to court too, unfortunately I don’t know anyone who has done that. , I hope I am the first but not the last.

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“The speeches are very nice, the posters they put in the streets are beautiful, but the truth is very strong, and far from being told. “This country, these people, deserve respect, the least they can do for us, we have done, we have done for them, enough,” he said. The comedian added.

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