Malomu and Grubo Firma are amazed as they sing Vicente Fernandez’s song “Acá Entre Nos”: Video

The combination of the two genres has caused a stir, due to urban music and Regional Mexican is closer than ever Maluma and Grupo Firm Declared a must Duet.

Now this is under the panorama Followers Both artists are fully focused on the collaboration of the two, since it is mainly given Know What they do is work Colombia.

Grubo Firm and its musical collaboration with Maluma

The interest of the fans of They are both The number of artists has now increased Eduin Cos And Grupo Firm have finalized the details regarding the launch of “La Pamba” Draft.

Is known Together Musical Urban artist and group Mexican Something that will be released soon and not yet Revealed Official name

Within two hours of arriving in Colombia, the Grupo firm received a brandy drink from that country with open arms. மாலுமா As members of the committee Mexican Some started uploading Videos On their official social media accounts.

Maluma and Grupo Firm

Maluma Y Eduin Cos Posted various pictures you can see Set up The costumes they used to record the video, surprise Fans They saw the Colombian singer dressed as a cowboy and with a white roof.

However, it was not very impressive Attention, But recently released a video in which the two seem to be singing Popular theme of a famous artist, And it’s a tribute to Vicente Fernández’s song “Acá entre nos”. Singer He has been hospitalized for more than three months.

Here is a clip of Maluma and Grubo Firmin singer, எடுயின் காஸ், They join in their singing to sing an iconic song from “El Charro de Huntidon”.

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