Marco Aurelio Ann Gisela Walkersel: “It hurts me to sit in front of a person who earns 30 thousand US dollars” | Entertainment | Mycelleni

He visited Gisela Valcárcel’s set many years ago and on that occasion noted the pay gap between people working in the entertainment world and those who spread the culture.

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According to a journalist at Carretas, , Remembering driving ‘Word function’ He was angry when he found out that Gisela Valcárcel would earn US $ 30,000, he only had S / 600.

Recalling his attendance at the Gisela Valcárcel show, he once said: ‘When I earn S / only, it hurts me to sit in front of a person who earns US $ 30,000 for his talent. Mine is 600 “, Commented.

Gisela Valcárcel Review: “They hugged me and I didn’t go out to answer”

After criticism on social networks A This encouraged his resignation At the semifinals of the show, the host said he had been active all his life and wanted to remain calm in the face of negative feedback.

As recalled, Alison Pastor expressed her dissatisfaction with the production of the show “Rainas del Show” because she did not accept recommendations to improve her dance and editing. In view of this, Gisela Walkercell reprimanded him: “Why did you continue to participate, and why did you not leave?” And Eric Elera’s wife decided to step aside.

Gisela Walkercell on betrayal

In addition, when she suffered a betrayal, she was attacked and she wanted to be quiet. “They have turned me away, and they have judged me; I just returned but I was quiet“, He underlined the relationship Tula Rodriguez And missing television entrepreneurs, Javier Carmona.

In the face of questions about the words he had He said he wanted to be quiet and “do not add fuel to the fire.”

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