Makes ‘lemonade with sour lemon’

More songs about their stormy relationship are coming. He made harsh comments about Barcelona.

Shakira suffered from Gerard Pique’s infidelity, which is why the Colombian singer’s relationship with the former Spanish football player ended. From that moment on, the artist used her pain to turn it into successful songs in which the Barranquilla woman expressed her sadness and anger.

Now, Shakira has warned Biku as he promises new songs with ‘attacks’ on his ex-partner.

The Colombian spoke at Billboard’s Latin Music Week in Miami Beach. There he promises that he is “very much in love” with his work, and is glad that he can capture the pain he feels in his songs: “I was surprised to make lemonade with sour lemons.”

Shakira promised that she was “very inspired, eager” to compose new songs, which certainly did not go down well with Piqué: “There are many things I want to say, things to try musically, but the time will come.”

In addition, he confided that his stay in Barcelona, ​​where he lived with Sasha and Milan’s father, “stunned him because there were so many ideas left, it was the “foot on the brakes” of his career. That void.”

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