Majadahonda Science Week: Experiments in Traders

Scientific workshop at Merchants Public School (Majadahonda), presented by Public Education Advocacy Platform

Lydia Garcia. “We send you the press release in which we inform you of the celebration of February 13, 14, 15 and 16 (2023) from the past. Scientific workshop in the official school of merchants (Majadahonda)taught before Public Education Defense CurriculumIn which 129 children participated. I wish you all the best.” With these words, the presentation of the statement in the MJD magazine newsroom issued by this association on Monday, February 20 (2023) entitled “The Platform in Defense of public education Celebrating Science Week in Al-Tijjar Public School. More than 1,000 pupils have participated in Science Week workshops since its inception in 2014″. 129 pupils from different public schools in the municipality have emerged for the “enjoyment of girls and boys in the workshops organized, as well as for the satisfaction of the parents who have attended them. The activities carried out in this edition allowed the acquisition of empirical knowledge about the force of gravity, fingerprints and tension Surfactants of liquids, mixtures and chemical reactions, vermicompost or non-Newtonian fluids. All this through fun experiments selected and prepared by the same platform team that for another year made possible Science Week for schoolchildren,” the note adds.

Schools like CAUDE in Majadahonda also celebrated Science Week

He concludes: “It is Magadahonda Public Education Advocacy Platform This activity has been organized without interruption since 2014 (except for the pandemic years), rotating through the various public schools in the municipality, where it has always had an excellent reception. Since that year, more than 1,000 students have participated in these workshops. the platform It is proud to place its grain of sand in an important mission to spread scientific culture and the ability to awaken interest in science among the participating girls and boys, which may help in shaping future scientific research professionals in some cases, ”and the statement ends.

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