Magel Osorbo promises that ‘homeland and life’ are equal parts

2 | 06/05/2021 – 5:49 am (GMT-4)

Singer and activist McClellan “Osorbo” Castillo Perez Tessemer came out this Thursday to refute Bhuveno’s latest statements and promised that the distribution of rights to the song “Patria y Vida” on social networks has been done in equal parts.

Bhuvana publicly expressed his disagreement this Wednesday over the distribution of the profits of the music theme This is because Michael Osorbo and El Fungi will receive a lower percentage of participants in this program.

“Beatrice [Luengo] 15; Yodule 15; Randy 15; Alexander 15; December 15; யாதம் [González] பதினைந்து; Michael 5; L Funky 5. Here are the percentages that came to me from the distribution of editorial rights for the song Patria Y Vita. My suggestion is that it should be divided equally, and with the same transparency I will let you know the final result, ”Dezemmer wrote on Facebook.

“Otherwise, McCall and El Funky will know they have my percentage,” said the Cuban translator, who has received numerous criticisms for publicly airing a song’s economic crisis, which has become a symbol of freedom and hope for millions of Cubans.

In a video posted on his Instagram account, Osarbo posted the video “Homeland and Life” has reached 5 million visits And thanked Jodiel Romero for the call he described as the “national anthem.”

“I want to make it very clear. Percentages of the song [están] Is recorded in equal parts, “Osorbo said.” Although I don’t need anything. What we need is something like this: to motivate the Cuban people, to unite the whole world. “

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“There is a fact: everyone involved in this issue is more connected than ever,” Osorbo concluded.

In previous reports, Romero had promised that the proceeds of the song would be donated to the San Isitro movement.

“I am announcing that the entire money for reporting the song will be donated to the San Isitro movement. I will reveal what this issue is and see how it gets to Luis Manuel Odero Alcondara and McClellan Osorbo, so they have autonomy because they work for their ideas and allow for their operation.” Yodul said on March 1.

The song “Patria y Vida”, sung by McClellan Osorbo, El Fungi, Yoduel Romero, Gente de Sona and Dessemer Bueno, rang the cry for the rights of their citizens inside and outside the island of Cuba.

The slogan has been used by Cubans in a number of anti-government demonstrations, such as a demonstration on Obispo Street in Havana on April 30, where dozens of young people protested against the repression and in solidarity with artist Luis Manuel Otero Alcondara. Then there was a hunger strike and a thug strike.

In early April, the phrase “Patria y Vida” by residents of San Isitro took to the streets to prevent the arrest of rapper Osorbo by Cuban police.

The reversal of the epidemic response and the impetus for song-induced freedom is the strongest repression the Cuban government has used against those who dare to reproduce its message in public.

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