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After the biggest complaint he made Gracie Ortega Yet against the husband, Italo Villaseca In the project Magali Medina, Magpie reported that Milena Jared’s sister flew to Lima last Sunday night with her four children. It was Magali TV La Firme’s production of the presenter that bought him the tickets.

TROME – Creasy Ortega will arrive in Peru today with his four children after his fight with Ítalo Villaseca: will he be part of ‘La casa de Magaly’?

Samuel Suarez, the creator of Instarandula, was consulted by his ‘ratujas’ about the return of the Colombian and slipped that he will return to Peru this Monday and that he will testify to the project of the red-headed journalist. “I imagine, if Makali pays for the tickets to return to Lima with her children, she will get the whole case, I imagine she will sit on the set,” said the celebrity. Sam.

Will Chrissy Ortega stay at Magali’s house?

And, he pointed out Gracie Ortega Maybe a part of the new magpie reality show, ‘Magali’s House’. “I could have been involved in the scheme too, I imagine they’ve made some kind of arrangement”Commented the entertainment journalist and former TV reporter.

Samu, on the other hand, pointed out that Crazy’s decision to immigrate to America illegally was not the best idea because she was not known in the country and had no job in show business. “But here in Peru anyway Crazy will have work, here she is known, here she has an audience, people give her little work, I think. Staying away wasn’t the best idea, I imagine she did it for the betterment of her family and eventually realized she had everything in Peru.shrunk

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Finally, the creator of Instarandula believes that the talk of the next months in entertainment media will be confrontational. Greasy Ortega and his sister. “If Milena and her meet or become friends, I think that’s going to be the novel for the next few months.” referred to.

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