Gucci Lau sends a message to Pepe Aguilar

This Friday, May 6, Pepe Aguilar There is a long tablecloth with his first scene New ‘Tailor’ albumAs the singer announced on his official Instagram account, the product contains 100% unreleased songs in ranchero style.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the time has come, my new Unpublished album The whole Ranchero is available on all music platforms and I hope you enjoy it as much as I created A La Medida. “Wrote.

It didn’t take long for anyone to hear it from beginning to end Gucci LoveThe Composer Who was involved a few days ago Controversy With the Aguilar dynasty.

Through his stories on that social network, Gussy Lau sent a News Angela Aguilar fell in love with the composer, and Pepe Aguilar was rumored to be her father-in-law.

“‘Don’t talk to me about love‘, This is one of my best songs and it made them so bad “Gucci wrote about the song he wrote for Pep.

A few days ago, Angela Aguilar Reached number one Latin billboard Theme of the Mexican Region ‘Where do they see me‘, Co-authored with Gussy Lau. The youngest of the dynasty, she became the first woman to become a celebrity in 16 years, a feat no singer had achieved at the time.

Pepe Aguilar receives compliments from Gucci Law

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