Maduro condemns “persecution” against former Salvador President Sanchez Seron

In a practice branded “arbitrarily” by the FMLN and other organizations, Salvador authorities last week detained former ministers and former deputy ministers of Funes.

This Sunday the Venezuelan government condemned former Salvador President Salvador Sanchez Seron for “unprecedented judicial harassment”. SAbout who weighs the arrest warrant in your country.

“Former President of the Republic of Venezuela El Salvador, Salvador Sanchez Serன்n and a key group of former officials of his government express their solidarity with the victims of the unprecedented judicial persecution of the Farabundo Martே National Liberation Front (FMLN) militants,” the Foreign Ministry statement said.

Salvador Sanchez Seron, a former president and former vice president, has an arrest warrant. Photo file

The Salvadoran Attorney General last week ordered the arrest of a former left-wing president (2014-1019) in a case related to state financial fraud.

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There are facts to be told to the government of the former FMLN guerrilla Mauricio Funes (2009-2014). Sanchez Seron was vice president at the time.

In a practice branded “arbitrary” by the FMLN and other organizations, Salvador authorities last week arrested former ministers and Funes ex-ministers.

The Attorney General’s Office (FGR) this Sunday issued a financial restraining order against 10 former officials of the government of former President Mauricio Funes (2009-2014). They were charged with money and property fraud, and illegal enrichment.

Violeta Menzover, Hugo Flores Hidalgo (center) and Erlinda Handal are guarded by police shortly before arriving at the Second Peace Court in San Salvador. Photo EDH / Menly Cortes

Among the accused were Violetta Menzver, Carlos Cozares, Erlinda Handal, Calicsto Mejia and Hugo Flores Hidalgo who were sent to the Isitro Menendez Judicial Center under strong security measures.

Outside the courts, members of the FMLN and its militancy opposed the arrest.

Oscar Ortiz, FMLN general secretary and former vice president of the country, pointed out that “former officers have” lost their independence “without fully respecting the legal aspects as they were in the 1980s.”

“We will come to the end with them, FMLN will be with them” and “We will continue to fight in these dark moments in the country,” he said. He added: “Today we want to destroy all the political parties opposed to this ruling elite who want to use all the resources of the state economically.”

Annabelle Beloso, the current FMLN vice-president in the legislature, called the detention of former officers “a snatch of freedom” and declared that “we have retreated on the basis of law, institutionalism and above all the democratic process.” Moreover, he described the government of Naib Bukel as a dictatorship.

Lorena Pena also came with five defendants and asked that “political harassment” be stopped. Photo EDH / Lissette Monterrosa

“This cannot be allowed in the country. We have created an independent organization in which an organization should prevail and now we see them all being eliminated,” FMLN historian Nidia Thias declared.

FMLN governments have maintained a very close relationship with Maduro, especially Sanchez Seron, whom the president described as “one of the most relevant leaders in the political history of the Central American nation.”

In May, President Naib Bukel replaced the Attorney General, who had re-directed corruption investigations against previous governments.

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