Goals and Highlights: USA 1-0 in the 2021 Gold Cup Quarterfinals | 07/25/2021

9:59 PM13 minutes ago

Game over!

8:54 PM18 minutes ago

90 ‘

Four minutes are added.

8:49 PM23 minutes ago

89 ‘

Damien Lowe of Jamaica joins the strictures.

8:44 PM28 minutes ago

86 ‘

Jamaica makes another move: Junior Flemings exits and Tyrik Maggie enters.

9:39 PM33 minutes ago

85 ‘

As for the United States, Shock Moore is being replaced by Reggie Cannon.

8:34 PM38 minutes ago

84 ‘

New change in America: Matthew Hope leaves and Nicholas Giochini enters.

9:29 PM43 minutes ago

United States Goal!

Matthew Hopp appears in the far post to finish with his head and overtake his team on the scoreboard.

9:24 pm an hour ago

75 ‘

Jamaica moves further into its eleventh place: Shamar Nicholson and Andre Gray enter Blair Durkot and Corey Burke.

9:19 pm an hour ago

61 ‘

First changes from the United States: Christian Roldan and Kiazi Sardes enter as Paul Areola and Daryl Dyke.

9:14 pm an hour ago

49 ‘

Jamaica’s Blair Turkot is the second player to receive a yellow card.

9:09 pm One hour ago

Start the fill section!

The United States and Jamaica are already playing in the second half of their tournament.

9:04 pm One hour ago

The first half is over!

After 45 + 4 ‘, the United States and Jamaica did not move the score.

An hour ago at 8:59 p.m.

45 ‘

Four-minute compensation is included.

An hour before 8:49 p.m.

38 ‘

For now, the meeting is not serious, but there are no dangerous prospects for it; Both teams are far from scoring.

An hour ago at 8:44 p.m.

30 ‘

Corey Burke of Jamaica was the first to warn of the attack.

8:39 PM2 hours ago

28 ‘

Jamaica’s first move: Alvas Powell is no longer available due to injury and is being replaced by O’Neill Fisher.

8:34 PM2 hours ago

23 ‘

Alvas Powell has been suspended for seeking medical attention for a muscle problem.

8:29 PM2 hours ago

14 ‘

Shock Moore did not control the ball within that area and allowed the United States to get a crucial chance.

7:24 PM2 hours ago

8 ‘

For now, the United States has taken the initiative, but has so far been unable to get into the opponent’s court with the restricted ball.

7:19 PM2 hours ago

The competition begins!

The United States and Jamaica are aiming to become finalists in the 2021 Gold Cup.

8:14 PM2 hours ago

As an alternative to Jamaica

D. Barnes, D. Taylor, L. Walker, M. Hector, A. Bell, L. Bailey, O. Fisher, s. Nicholson, A. Gray, a. Mariappa YD. Maggie.

8:04 PM2 hours ago

Jamaica confirmed the order

The players selected by Theodore Whitmore are: a. Blake (C), a. Powell, d. Lowe, L. Moore, K.. Lawrence, J .; Fleming, D. Williams, d. Johnson, P. Durcott, c. Burke, and b. Reed.

7:59 PM2 hours ago

Confirmed USA Order

Selected by Craig Perholder: M. Turner; S. Wines, J .; Sands, M. Robinson, s. Moore, K.. Acosta, G. Pucio, b. Ariola (C), m. Hope, s. Ledget, and d. Dyke.

7:54 PM2 hours ago

Competition is limited to the United States or Jamaica

The winner of the series will face Qatar in the semi-finals of the 2021 Gold Cup next Thursday in Austin.

7:49 PM2 hours ago

The Jamaican team has already arrived on the field

7:44 PM2 hours ago

Everything is ready in America’s dressing room

7:39 PM3 hours ago

Do not depart from here to follow United States vs Jamaica directly

We will share the starting lines with you in a few moments USA vs Jamaica Direct, in addition to emerging information AT&T Stadium. Do not miss the details of the match by the minute and live online from VAVEL.

7:34 PM3 hours ago

Where, how to see and live in the US and Jamaica online

7:24 PM3 hours ago

The last line of America

These are the eleven that Greg Berholder chose to face Canada last week: Ms. Turner; S. Moore, W. Zimmerman, J .; Sands, M. Robinson, s. Wines, k. Acosta, G. Pucio, s. Ledget, G. Sardes, and d. Dyke.

7:19 PM3 hours ago

Jamaica last game

On Tuesday of this week, Jamaica lost its departmental leadership Fall 1-0 against Costa Rica, Who played for more than 20 minutes with the lowest player.

7:14 PM3 hours ago

America’s last game

Last Sunday, the last day of the group stage, The United States defeated Canada 1-0, With a short note by Shogul Moore.

7:09 PM3 hours ago

How did Jamaica get to this point?

7:04 PM3 hours ago

How did the United States qualify for this round?

5:59 PM3 hours ago

The United States and Jamaica are set to follow in the 2021 Gold Cup

5:54 PM3 hours ago

Happy evening to all Wavell readers!

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