Madonna hosts an amazing concert as part of the NYC Pride

Pop legend drew attention at The Standard Highline Hotel. (Andy Cohen / Instagram)

The NYC proud LGBTQIA + had a fantastic start from the hands of the beloved Madonna of the movement.

This Friday morning, the “Queen of Pop” lit up the theme of Bright Weekend, filmed by Ricardo Gomez, with her new video “Fear, Courage, Resistance.” Even the video clip Showed On the screens of Times Square to the surprise of thousands of people who had gathered to see Madonna’s new product.

“Tonight is not just a party to kick off Pride Weekend”, General The singer took to her Instagram account hours ago.

After the fantastic premiere of the video clip, Madonna drew attention to give a short live presentation at The Standard Highline Hotel, where she performed her two best hits: “Hung Up” and “I Didn’t Seek”.

“It would have been a tragedy for me to celebrate Pride Day without the people,” Madonna shouted at the crowd in the hall. Variety. “Do not take anything lightly, because you do not know what awaits us all in the corner. Learn to love yourself,” said the singer “like a virgin.”

Guest artists at the private event include Amanda Lepor, Anderson Cooper, Andy Cohen, Billy Eisner, Zachary Quinto, Lance Bass and Adam Lambert, as well as Didox, Aquarius, Vanessa Vangi Matteo, Kandy Muse and Katmik Madonna.

Throughout her life, the “Queen of Pop” has defended and supported the struggle for the rights of LGBTQIA + people, and thanks to her passionate beliefs they have made her a true symbol of the struggle against gender discrimination.

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“[Madonna] He has been figuring out again and again what he has been saying since the first day of his career. We work around that idea: freedom, expressing yourself, believing in who you are, what you want to be, believing in yourself, being vigilant, powerful, loving one another. They are very important news, “Gomez said in an interview WWD.

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Similarly, although the photographer and director claimed that “Fear, Courage, Resistance” was destined to be a “celebratory video”, he felt that the message of this video clip should be relevant every day, “not only in the context of the environment but in the pride”.

The pop music legend Poro also auctioned off a collection of Polaroids that grossed over 100,000, which will go to New York-based charities dedicated to creating safer places for LGBTQIA + youth.


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