Macarrulla was apparently “water”.


Exit through License of the Minister of the PresidentLizandro Macarrulla, one of his children Medusa seems to be in on the action, Drowning the name of former Attorney General Jean Alain Rodríguez, damaging the reputation of the prime minister considered two years after his appointment.

It is believed that President Abinader’s first two years could serve as a platform for the partisan cry of his re-election campaign, but the involvement of one of Makarullah’s companies, trusting his children, will allow him to carry out his high-profile activities independently. Change the panorama.

Obviously for Makarullah They had “water” for him long ago, The Modern Revolutionary Party saw him as too capitalist for office both in the PRM’s inner spheres and in the outer spheres, whose enormous budget would allow him to promote programs.

After announcing that he had requested the license from President Abhinadi, There is a risk that the officer will be absent for a long time And perhaps his replacement, prosecutors expect a more arduous process that will consume a good chunk of the remaining two years of the current four-year term.

Considered a lifelong business leader and a tireless man, Makarulla handled important public welfare projects such as the National Happy House, bus routes, and tourism development projects in Pedernales and Manzanillo.

When the then president-elect Abinader won the election, he received many requests from politicians, the Modern Revolutionary Party, BRM, who wanted to serve. Naturally, Makarullah was not among them. But he worked on the campaign And was Financial support.

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In the PRM it was expected that someone from the party would be appointed to an important position, which happened with the Presidential Administration Ministry, which fell to José Palisa, a former senator of Puerto Plata and one of the future figures of the organization. . Aspired to the post by Roberto Fulcar, assigned to the Ministry of Education campus until today.

Chairman Abhinadar has no qualms with officials involved in illegal activities. That’s why he fired Kimberly Taveras. A youth minister who aired his total wealth statement on the Nuria Biara program and more.

By repeatedly declaring that Justice was independent Not wanting to favor anyone, Abinadar took a calculated risk by not interfering in cases that came to justice. Most of the major problems occurred during and after the previous government.

The case of the jellyfish

The Medusa case, in which the Former Attorney General Jean Allen Rodriguez, An undisclosed source revealed Thursday that the former official had hired Mexican communications strategist Alejandra Lagunas. Served under former President Pena NietoHelp him.

Jean Alain’s advisory group denied the information and the former official relied on the expert to launch his presidential bid in the last elections, for which he paid him two million dollars in cash. Lagunes did not clarify the complaint.

What the council demanded was Mr. Rodríguez’s former chief of staff, who fled to Spain when the corruption was denounced. Raphael must be in Kano’s country. Canó was a link between the former prosecutor and many of the public figures he tried to capture.

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The Medusa case is one of the worst cases reported in recent times. Except now that it’s coming out, it’s known After the construction of the prison of Los BarresCalled to replace La Victoria, there were many scandals involving overestimated fees and high commissions for contractors.

Some TV commentators and members of the public following the events have also shown up Caution and mistrust of scandals and the amounts involved. Former rector Roberto Santana, a prison counselor, was the first to denounce what happened in Las Vegas.

He denounced the security chief of the old prison pocketing seven million pesos a week. After the complaint, which shook public opinion, no investigation was announced. There was also no response to the former rector’s statement that the prison issue was not an official priority.

Abinadar keeps pace

President Abinathar continues his work and the pace of government without bothering anyone. On Thursday, he named Dr. Miguel Chiara Hatton as the new environment minister, a post Orlando Jorge Mera held until he was assassinated by a friend.

Sierra Hutton was the finance minister, in whose place the President appointed Pavel Issa, who was Deputy Minister of Planning, to the portfolio. Ceara Hatton and Isa are considered honest people and, in general, have a well-earned reputation. In Environment, Vice President Rahul Pena was the interim.

At the end of his first two years in office, President Abinader is expected by the public to introduce significant changes in the civil apparatus and command of the armed forces and the national police, whose chiefs will serve two years in office as per regulations.

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Abinador completes his first two years on August 16, with the satisfaction of maintaining an economy that has satisfactorily managed to stave off the Covid-19 pandemic and recover tourism ahead of other Caribbean nations that depend on it for livelihoods.

From a political point of view, he has no competition and with his party, PRM, he has managed to sweep the re-election bar from the laws, in his fist. Opinion polls indicate that he is the favorite to contest the 2024 elections without a definite opponent for the opposition parties. Aspirant former President Lionel Fernandez.

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