Luma commemorates Labor Day demanding the cancellation of the agreement

As part of efforts to commemorate “International Labor Day”, La Ruta de la Verto Pajo, in partnership with social and political organizations, visited shopping malls and joined the “Dodo Puerto Rico” caravan against the privatization of the Electricity Authority (PREPA) and the LUMA. Seeks to cancel the contract signed with Energy.

Angelica Acosta, spokeswoman for the group, said: In the city of Peru Zepeta.

Workers’ groups departed in six caravans at 11:00 a.m. from six starting points in the metropolitan area: Kennedy Avenue, University of Puerto Rico (UPR) Rio Pietros Campus, Bosque Punta Salinas, International Airport, Isla Verde Avenue and Cape Town at Buchanan Dolbo .

The first day of May commemorates the social progress made by workers since the end of the 19th century and commemorates the Great Labor Strike of 1886 in Chicago, where the law declaring an eight-hour working day was demonstrated.

“We audited Priba’s move to distribute letters to more than 4,000 workers at the Authority, paving the way for the transfer of power to Luma Energy, a company that does not exist, which was incorporated five (5) months before the signing of this agreement, but now during the new hurricane season, the United States, It seeks to send guards from Canada and Puerto Rico to hire thousands of employees from their companies to serve as drivers and guards in various government agencies, ”the Acosta spokesman said.

“Transferring Puerto Rico’s power system to renewable energy is not compatible with privatization,” he warned. What’s behind this is that they are using our country to supply gas, and they are not going to have the space to clean up the energy because it is not a business for them. ”

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The Ruta de la Verdat Coalition is an individual and a group from various organizations who decided to join the PREPA workers against the Luma Energy Agreement because it is against the best interests of the people and reflects the risk to the economy of our island.

The Retirement Association of the Electricity Authority (AJAEE), led by Johnny Rodriguez Ordis, is one of the organizations fighting against this bad deal, which promises to “destroy the assets of all employees and the pension system of retirees with the Luma.” After PREPA’s retirees have been paying our pensions for over 30 years, active colleagues continue to contribute. ”

Rodriguez Ortiz confirmed, “PREPA owes more than $ 603 million to the pension system, and once they enter LUMA, they pretend not to pay. PREPA wants to pay Luma hundreds of millions of dollars instead of fulfilling its obligation to workers to set up the country’s power grid. ”

For his part, AJAEE vice-president Iris Telia Matos said, “It is paradoxical that thousands of workers were left on the streets under Law 7 under Governor Luis Forduno, and now, under the then-Commissioner of Citizenship in Pedro Pierlos, he did not lift a finger to protect those parents. PREPA wants to send workers to fill those frozen positions to open thousands of new positions in PREPA. Where is the good judgment? Where is the storage? He is destroying power by wanting to leave the unions. ”

Carlexis Rosario, president of the Cagouas chapter of the La Ruta de la Verdat joint venture, said, “On a day like today, workers need to be reminded that we do not sign contracts, we do not transfer funds, we do not approve incentives. , Or we are not allowed to accumulate unaccounted debts of more than a billion dollars. Workers We have not broken the PREPA, but for years we have condemned abuses and hidden agendas, revealing that a discredited campaign against workers is a way to ensure that power can be privatized for the benefit of a few. “

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