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He has created a successful, broad and generally recognized career. As a result of her work, she was able to gain the economic stability of owning more than one property for herself and her children, and logically within her home, without compromising on tastes and luxuries. In a recent interview with Iberian journalist Alberto Beles, the “bride of America” ​​showed how her bedroom is decorated and organized, and more than one person remained silent.

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Actress and singer who amazed everyone He became a celebrity and show host in the 90s and early 2000s, which is why fans are always curious to know what he does, how he dresses, how he sleeps … and how his room is decorated.

Last time he got a Spanish presenter and journalist Alberto Palace, And chose to do it in his bedroom. The two lay on the bed of the protagonist of the soap operas.Bonds of love”,“ I am Eva by her ”and“I am your master”.

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What would Lucero’s bedroom look like?

, His full name, commenting on his preferences while resting in his bed. The Ex-wife of Mijaras She pointed out that a good mattress and good pillows are very important to her, however if she does not have it on hand, she has no problem.

In the show, we see that Lucero’s bedroom is impeccable, just like Lucero’s daily style, because there is no object outside the space. In addition, the color of the room matches exactly with the decor of the bed.

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“Thank God, I’m sleeping well, I’m not suffering from insomnia or those things, I do not have to take pills. Sleep is important to me, happily I have no problem with that, at most I avoid eating too much at night and do not drink coffee because I do not like it.Revealed in conversation with Alberto Lopez.

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What are Lucero’s children doing?

According to reports by José Manuel Mijares Hogaza, 20 , Who has dedicated his life to music studies since childhood. He took classes at the prestigious school from an early age Berkeley College of Music in Boston.

Despite this information, he is not known beyond his personal life because his social networks are private and the only photo he saw was the one his mother shared with him. Instagram. Precisely this snapshot resembles last year’s Christmas meeting. “Have fun as a family and celebrate moments of love and happiness. Delicious food, friends and loved ones “His parents wrote on that occasion.

What is now known is that her children have been separated from Lucero for study, which has saddened the 52-year-old actress, she has publicly admitted.

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What does Lucero need to return to the Telenovolas?

Ex-wife He answered the question of when he could return to acting in Mexican soap operas as he did many years ago. We can all know that there is a need for it in this case.

Bride of AmericaHe acknowledged that returning to television was not an easy task and that he should analyze it well. As she recognizes, it should be a plan to make her fall in love from the first moment, i.e. to successfully return to a part of her life that has given her so much success in the past.

“Returning to television is not as easy as any other story. I’m looking for something beautiful. I do not know, but something as fascinating as it is, it makes me fall in love, I hope it catches me and can catch the public. I think I created soap operas.Some of his words.

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Her full name is Lucero Hocasa Lyon, artistically known as Lucero or the Bride of America, she is a Mexican singer, songwriter, actress, TV presenter and businessman (Photo: Lucero / Instagram).
Her full name is Lucero Hocasa Lyon, artistically known as Lucero or the Bride of America, she is a Mexican singer, songwriter, actress, TV presenter and businessman (Photo: Lucero / Instagram).

What does Lucero think about aging?

In an interview with the Mexican newspaper “CARAS”, He reviewed his art career and talked about his plans for the future. In addition, she was honest about what she thinks about aging, motherhood and the role of women today.

In the conversation, “The Pride of America” ​​mentioned her ex-husband Mijares, who dedicated a few words to the actress: “What I admire about Lucero is that she personally and professionally admires everything she does.”. And this is very true because Lucero has shown that every project he undertakes is done with great enthusiasm. But what does Lucero think about aging? If you want to know .

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Who was the man Lucero was interested in when he was on his honeymoon with the Mizars?

After being questioned by an influencer, Lucero said she was there during her travel honeymoon. Conducts an English card reading program. The artist promised that the mysterious thing would have caught her attention, but her heart and affection were with her husband.

There was an interesting man on the ship. He’s a guy who reads. “Lucero explained, insisting that she did not feel anything for him. Later, Mijaras admitted that he also liked the subject of English nationality.

What does Condore think about the relationship between Luzarro and Mizarez?

Itatí Cantoral, famous for his character Soraya MontenegroInside the villain “Maria from the neighborhood”, Was full of compliments when describing his excellent relationship with Lucero and Mijares. She was able to see the best relationship they could maintain.

They are the best ex-husbands I have ever met in my life.Ladies, this is not a joke. “The actress commented while talking about how well they behave. “What ex-husband’s parents, that’s how they got divorced, very good, let’s do it again, incredible couple”The translator showed his sense of humor.

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