Actress Sarah Maldonado shows off her figure after cosmetic surgery

The actress posted erotic pictures on her Instagram account in which she showed her fans the end of the makeup procedure she did.

Mexican actress Sarah Moldonado showed off her new look on Instagram a few weeks ago after cosmetic surgery on her own portrait Salaba.

The 41-year-old has silenced his followers on the popular social network.

In an Instagram story, he posted a picture where you can see the end of the process undertaken to shape his body.

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He also shared a half-length selfie, for which he received praise from his fans.

Moldonado used the opportunity to encourage his followers to be vaccinated against COVID-19, arguing that he had already done so.

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The heroine of the soap opera “Game of Life” announced in early July that she had two surgeries.

Through a video he posted on the social network, he will undergo surgery to remove the breast transplant he underwent 20 years ago on July 5, as well as undergo a liposculture to remove excess fat.

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