Lucero and Lucerito bid farewell to New York: “A dream come true”

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The brightest star And his daughter shares a keen interest in the play “Lucerito”. The two of them together had a challenge for themselves, which they finally met during their trip to New York. The stage has been a home for both, also known as “Novia de America” ​​in the music area and her goal as Lucerito’s actress.

Together with this passionate love of art, they decided to take a few days vacation in New York City to enjoy the big billboard on Broadway. In those days they shared part of their journey on their official Instagram accounts, which was so much fun and exciting to live as a mother and daughter.

But they had a challenge: to attend 15 concerts on Broadway, They did it! It was clearly celebrated on social media. Lucero wanted to share this journey with nearly four million followers, and expressed his full enthusiasm for living this adventure with his daughter.

They have achieved their goal and are now saying goodbye to the so-called “Big Apple” company. They ended the theatrical tour with “Dear Evan Hansen”, who showed a picture of the show on campus that the singer was going to enjoy working on in her stories. “We bid farewell to our wonderful theatrical days”Wrote.

He later revealed that he dropped his phone and broke the camera and thanked his daughter for coming with him in these last days. “It was an unforgettable journey, every moment a dream come true. Thank you for sharing and being happy with my beautiful girl.”He wrote with a picture of Times Square.

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To further close, he re-released the picture with his little girl from his holiday album in New York, promising that it would be his most favorite photo. “Without a doubt, my favorite photo of the trip” It was read in a post that sees Lucero and Lucerito smiling so much in Central Park.

Lucero and Lucerito in New York

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