Luca Tonsic was said to have provoked Stephen Curry in the conference final


Instagram account following NBA says Luca Tonsic provoked Stephen Curry in conference final: Dallas Mavericks vs. Golden State Warriors.

Luka Doncic Vs.  Stephen Curry
© Harry Howe / Getty ImagesLuka Doncic Vs. Stephen Curry

The spotlights of the cameras are on them and with controversy over classification NBA Finals No detail can go unnoticed. Stephen Curry and Luca Doncik They are the star heroes of the fight NBA Playoffs 2022 come in Golden State Warriors and Dallas MavericksIt is said that there was provocation in this.

Tonsik left no stone unturned for the strength of the warriors and the champion DNA. Luke was also encouraged Reveal Golden State’s main playoff player not that Stephen is not Curry, not Clay Thompson. However

When entering the field in the NBA and playing a post-season game, Luca Tansik Leave words of praise and kindness. We go for the success of Dallas Mavericks and In Game 1 against. Golden State Warriors Would have provoked the curry by a routine ‘Junk talk’.

During the first game between the Warriors and the Mavericks 2022 playoffs, Stephen Curry He started accurately on free throws and missed 3 shots in 7 attempts. Instagram account specializing in the NBA with more than 129,000 followers, according to the release of Hoopsview. ‘Chef’ Came from the line of sighs It is said to have been inspired by Luca Tonsik. Is that true?

Tonsik is said to have made fun of curry in the Western Conference Finals

“What’s the matter? Fear?”, Said as a stimulus From Luca Tansik to Stephen Curry When he missed a free throw. Star Golden State Warriors I would have replied: “Hey, Luke. Shut up?” Eyes met and irritated ‘Chef’ It was obvious.

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