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In late November 2022, Telemundo was launched Restructuring in many of its projectsIt is trying to revamp its products to face the decline in audience “today” They were one of the main victims as they were separated Quick Apps And Stephanie Himonides “Chickeybaby”.

The changes to America’s most important Hispanic network’s morning show are reportedly due to an effort to reverse the gains made by “Desperta America.” Don’t like gossipThey invited dignitaries like Penelope Mensaka, Andrea MesaLisette ‘Siggy Bombom’ Eduardo and Daniel ArenasIt was paired with Adamari Lopez.

However, the Telemundo project has lost two hosts in recent days, “Golden Shorty” was the biggest absentee and prompted the chain to look for new options to fill the gap.

“Hoi Tia” program renewed with new hosts and producers (Photo: Telemundo)

“Today’s” new driver

With Adamari Lopez and Penelope Menzaka taking a few days off due to personal issues, the Dio Luberes-led production searched for a suitable replacement for the position.

Such is the Dominican journalist Stephen of Lourdes Joined the morning show of the Hispanic channel, with the responsibility of carrying his participation as host of Al Rojo Vivo alongside Jessica Carrillo.

Our guest host this week is Stephen Lourdes”, reads a story shared on the social networks of the project, which has more than four million followers.

In the same way, the presenter was happy about the new challenge and highlighted his two new projects with a post on social networks.

What a beautiful way to start a promising week! Dear guys, thanks for the invitation.”, with a photo from the set of the show, where she had Mario Bautista as a guest. “We start the week with a burst of energy, to the tune of ‘Brindo’!“, he added.

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Lourdes Stephen shared his first morning on “Today” (Photo: LourdesStephen / Instagram)

Will Stephen of Lourdes depart “today”?

In addition, Lourdes Stephen will be twice on the Telemundo signal, because after “Hoi Tia” you will come to the screen with “Al Rojo Vivo” at 4 pm (Eastern Time).

How was this morning?“, Frederick Oldenburg asked, to which the journalist did not hesitate to answer with a laugh: “Well, we’re going well today, we’ll see each other this afternoon at Al Rojo and talk”.

On the other hand, on his social networks, where he has almost 700,000 followers, the presenter shared a video joining the “Today” and afternoon program for the first time. “Happy to have my beloved Al Rojo back on Vivo! See you tomorrow!

Stephen of Lourdes at Univision

It should be noted that Stephen already has experience in morning shows, because before joining Telemundo, the Dominican was the host of the segment “Despierta America”, the Univision program that is the main competitor of the program he now presents.

The anchor joined Telemundo in August after several years at Univision, working alongside Jessica Carrillo on one of the network’s flagship shows.

It was wonderful. The reception has been overwhelming. Starting with Jessica Carrillo; She is a beautiful girl. It made me feel at home. I feel like I’m living in a fairy tale”, commented in an interview for.

Lourdes Stephen joins Jessica Carrillo on the set of “Al Rojo Vivo” (Photo: Lourdes Stephen / Facebook)

More information about Telemundo

Why did Adamari Lopez miss “Today”?

As expected, Adamari LopezHis absence from the morning made him the target of criticism and questions on social networks, which is why thousands of Internet users did not hesitate to comment on his absence on the Telemundo morning account.

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However, due to missing our beloved host “today” Simple. As confirmed by “People en Español” media, Adamari had holidays and permission to stay away from the project. Learn more here.

Adamari Lopez is very close to her daughter Alaia, who was with Tony Costa, and lives alone with him in Miami (Photo: Adamari Lopez / Instagram)

Why did Telemundo censor footage of Rafael Amaya in “El Seor de los Cielos 8″?

In an interview for the show “La mesa caliente,” Tali Garcia and Alan Slim talked about scenes from the eighth season of “El señor de los cielos” that Telemundo censored. The Spanish-language chain felt they could not send violent or highly risqué scenes.

The cast confirmed that several scenes from “El señor de los cielos 8” have been censored by Telemundo, while announcing that scenes not seen by the Spanish-language network will be available on the Peacock stage. More details here.

Rafael Amaya as Aurelio Casillas in “El Señor de los Cielos 8” (Photo: Telemundo)

The new host of “Desperata America”.

Driving problem”Today”, well, on the front end, the situation is similar, as Univision recently announced a surprise return to the group of presenters.

And while the show has great and charismatic presenters, a new person also joins the morning once again to get smiles among his peers.

After the announcement, after opening the doors for her arrival, Jackie Guerredo wore a yellow dress and sang “How Beautiful is Life.” Learn more here.

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