Christian Castro causes controversy with Miranda Jodi!: “He lost his elegance”

  • Christian Castro was a luxury guest at Miranda Jodi’s new album presentation! and performed the song ‘Khaidi’.

Christian Castro Called by him Miranda Duet! To illustrate a song during the group’s album presentation ‘Hotel Miranda!’ Theme sung on stage ‘prisoner’ A duet created together Ale Sergey and Juliana Katas.

New album Miranda! It involves inviting different artists to sing different hits. Aside from Cristian Castro, FMK is joined by Lali, María Becerra, Chano, Bandalos Chinos, Sofia Reyes, Francisca Valenzuela and Ca7riel in ‘Hotel Miranda!’ are part of the album.

However, she drew attention to the outfit she wore on stage during Cristian Castro’s performance. The ‘Raining Stars’ performer was scantily clad in tight boxer shorts and a sweatshirt without a shirt.

Christian Castro Impulses In His Presentation With Miranda!

Last week, Duet Miranda! presented his new album ‘Hotel Miranda!’ In Argentina, the ‘Gran Rex’ theater was converted and decorated like a hotel to host the concert. When he appeared on the scene Cristian Castro made an impact with what he wore.

However, the ‘No Botras’ translator got a lot of laughs on stage when he sang ‘Prisonero’ with a duet. when i sing Christian Castro He took off the sweatshirt he was wearing and was practically alone in his unimaginable boxer shorts.

For their part, the videos circulating on social networks have created controversy on social networks, with some Internet users saying that Veronica Castro’s son “lost his elegance” and “made a fool of himself” during his presentation.

Christian Castro, who caused controversy at the Miranda concert! Clothes are running out

Instagram: @elgordoylaflaca

Other netizens took it in stride and joked that he took the stage “after his Zumba class”. Other users of social networks confirm that the singer “screams to get out of the room.”

Likewise, there were those who thought it was fine for him to present himself as he pleased, and that he enjoyed singing “freely” on stage. Meanwhile duet Miranda! He took it as a joke and hugged the singer.

Cristian Castro Criticized for “Loss of Elegance” at Concert in Buenos Aires

Instagram: @cristiancastro

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