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The Second season From the series about life Louis Miguel It started on the right foot because it attracted the attention of thousands of spectators and The first two chapters shed light on the details of the singer’s life He refused to address for years.

In addition, one aspect of the plot generated interest among the audience The sun With his brother, Sergio Galego Pastori, Though at some point in his life, will attract public attention Tried to create a music career. This was recalled by the producer he collaborated with at the time, Salvador Lance, During an interview Window.

“He was very young. I have a good relationship with my mother Doctor (Octavio Fonserada)So he (Octavio) got used to my mom’s house a lot, and that’s how I met him (Sergio), “the producer recalled of how he met Sergio.

During the family reunion, “Sergio sang, and everyone went back. He always had an incredible voice and a very cool feeling when singing. “

After seeing his vocal ability, Salvador invited Galego Pastori to “collaborate on”Car accident “, from the group Decathlon. Then they recorded other songs: “I keep them there, but They are the covers of Poleros or Mariachi“.

He was a huge fan of his brother at the time and he always admired him so much. He told me that he was very happy in Boston and that he was studying music and wanted to pursue a career. Art, “he said.

But long before the relationship The sun And Sergio refused. “I never asked what happened This is not a good division and we know the terms are not good. But for a reason I don’t know. That being said, it was tough for both of them, and for Octavio and Sergio, I don’t think they expected it, “said the music producer.

“There was a bit of an annoyance, a complaint came from Luis Miguel about whether Sergio was dedicated to music. Shortly after recording the song for the car accident, he began to say, ‘I think we’re going to make a record.’ When the report came out in a well-known newspaper, we were planning something wonderful, “he said.

“They take photos outside of his house, outside of work, and I think that’s where he got scared. If that statement hadn’t come out, we might have a Sergio album.”

Finally, Salvador Lance said in the Louis Miguel series that they would not portray Sergio as “bad” because “he’s a good-hearted guy. He fell victim to all the circumstances that arose around Louis Miguel“.

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