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Friday, December 23, 2022

Clara Sia Marti’s relationship and Gerard PQIt seems more established than ever. The pair are no longer hiding, and in the past few hours they’ve shared their first Christmas together. The pair were spotted together at a posh restaurant in Barcelona.

The couple were spotted at the celebration they shared with staff from Cosmos, the former footballer’s public relations agency. This will be their first Christmas celebration together since their controversial split PQ And Shakira. And they never miss an opportunity to be affectionate.

Those present at the scene were eyewitnesses Gerrard and Clara came together in the same vehicle. Later they joined the group of people who were waiting for him at the spot. While leaving the crowd and before a pronounced downpour, Piguet was seen going out alone to look for the car while his partner waited for him at the restaurant, sheltering from the rain.

Although the pair have been spotted together at various events, this will be their first Christmas together as a couple. They were recently spotted together shortly after their breakup Former football player And Shakira, amid controversy over suspected infidelity.

Gerard Pique and Clara Chia Marti.

Shakira’s division

It should be remembered that PQ And Shakira went through a complicated separation that involved, among other issues, the safety of the couple’s children. That point was already settled and the singer got custody, plus, justice allowed her to move to Miami.

Meanwhile, it is not yet known where Shakira and her children will spend the New Year celebrations. Everything points to an agreement between her and Pique so that they spend one with each. Even the little ones can spend a season with their father.

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