LOS ALCÁZARES / López Nicolás will explain the science behind the sport on Thursday 3 November in Los Alcázares

Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biotechnology at the University of Murcia, José María López Nicolas, is the next guest of the Happiness Science course held since last October 28 in the municipality of Los Alcazares. The appointment will be next Thursday, October 3, in the general meeting hall of the aforementioned municipality at 8:00 pm. Entry is free until full capacity

The Professor of Hero Science, the final title of his latest book, will be an interesting article on everything that hides from the level of physics and chemistry in training and even the clothes of elite athletes.

Nicholas will explain that chemistry affects Nadal’s victories against Federer and how physics can help a goalkeeper save a penalty kick.

The Science of Happiness has been running since last Friday, October 28, opened by Elsa Punset and will end on November 17 with the stimulating Curro Cañete party. On November 10, Myriam Allegria and Maria Nicolau will tackle the Body Positive Movement.

Jose Maria Lopez Nicholas

Professor Lopez Nicholas is one of the most important science communicators in our country and has the greatest exposure in the media and social networks. He is the author of the popular “Syntia” blog, one of the most awarded blogs in the field of scientific publishing in the Spanish world and also one of the most visited. He is Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biotechnology at the University of Murcia, where he is Professor of Biotechnology, Biochemistry and Food Technology, and develops his research activity within the Group of Excellence in Biochemistry and Bioenzyme. In addition, he is the Vice President for Scientific Transfer and Publishing at the said university and author of the books: New Foods for the Twenty-first Century (2004), Daily Reactions (2016), Let’s Buy Lies (2016) and Scientist in the Supermarket and Food Science, published by Planeta.

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