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Recently, the ketogenic diet has become popular in the gastronomic environment, offering health benefits in a somewhat odd way, turning its back on many nutritional theories of the past and today.

Recently, a study conducted by Stanford University, United States; Published in the first week of June 2022 in Cell Metabolism, it was concluded that this type of diet can benefit muscle cells to survive any episode of stress and allow an individual to prolong their life in a healthy way.


The main idea of ​​the ketogenic diet is to reduce the consumption of sugars and for the body to use its own fat as the main source of energy so that the body can find a way to become efficient in converting the fat and reusing it as the body. fuel.

The research demonstrated again, like other studies, that the dietary model is not universal and that it is gradually stabilized in the diet, however, it insisted that this diet can increase longevity by increasing the resistance of cells to stress.

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Studies were conducted in mice, where it was found that rodents that fasted for 1 to 2.5 days showed more resistant muscle cells. Although the cell repair process was delayed, the fasting mice showed a lower chance of irreversible damage.

“We found that fasting stimulates resilience in muscle stem cells so that they live during deprivation and are available for muscle repair when nutrients become available again,” Thomas Rando, professor of neuroscience at Stanford University, reported in a university statement. Typically, most muscle stem cells that are made die. They are grown in the lab when they are transplanted, but these cells are in a deep resting state that we call a deep ketogenic calm that allows them to withstand many types of stress.”

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It is true that in recent years the ketogenic diet has grown in popularity on various social networks, and numerous studies have confirmed its benefits in terms of weight loss and longevity, however, specialists warn that the diet cannot be taken lightly or left in the hands of improvisation, therefore, the recommendation The main is to go to a medical appointment so that an individual regimen is developed correctly, as some side effects may occur in the process of adaptation.

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