Lord of the heavens, was Raphael Amaya kidnapped?

The news that he was handsome among his followers caused great concern Actor Raphael Amaya, World famous சீரி Lord of the heavens He was in danger of being abducted. According to a popular magazine, Jose Rafael Amaya Nice Asking for help on the streets and claiming that they wanted to kidnap him, he got into a very bad situation.

According to TV Notes, Mexican actor The 44-year-old was caught on video at a time when he was in a very bad condition, in which he was running very scared asking for help on the streets of Tijuana, and promised that a group would follow him to kidnap him.

The publication promises that no one really wants to kidnap beauties Raphael Amaya, But this is one of his excessive consequences, and it may be the illusion of persecution Former Telemundo star.

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It is no secret that this model went through a difficult process of getting out of the excess model, and he himself shared what happened to him, and he thanked his friends for his recovery. It has been announced that he has entered a venue owned by former boxer Julio Caesar Chavez, thank you His comrade Larry Hernandez, To deal with this situation.

Recently the same boxer went to the media to mark it Rafa Amaya He did not attend their meetings and he would not question why when he reconsiders because of immorality.

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TV Notas pointed out that he was a very close friend of the actor who was a part of the cast Salom Talked to them and explained what happened. According to the man, Rafael Amaya left the rehabilitation clinic in December last year and moved to Tijuana to live with some relatives.

One morning a video was recorded circulating on social media when Rafa ran away from his family and appeared outside seeking help. Luckily a driver helped him and loaded him into his vehicle to reassure him that Rafael Amaya had asked for help pointing out his followers and was looking for him to abduct him.

He noted Former television star He was dialing 911 to ask for help, he was very curious and finally some agents came and it was called by another person, a person called to indicate that there is courage between vehicles.

The agents realized that Amaya was considered unconscious, so there was no big fuss; Yet he insisted he was in danger. Raphael Amaya, who is famous and by many, could not speak or point out who was chasing him, but said he knew they were multiple vehicles. After this, the famous person called a relative and he quickly came to the place to protect him.

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Evidence indicated that Raphael El Sior de las Cilos would actually return to how this was handled because it was clear that the rating would have declined without him. He pointed out that this situation can make you anxious and cause this situation.

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He was questioned about a possible rebirth, he said he could not promise, but probably emotional and psychological issues are yet to be resolved with the beloved Raphael Amaya. His followers are concerned and hope that soon he will be in full health so that he will be with the Lord of heaven. Kitty Up !.

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