Look at the splitting of the sea between its two parts in Brazil

In Brazil, where I have lived for almost 20 years, strange natural phenomena, including a street in Bello Horizonte, the capital of the state of Minas Gerais, in the center of the country, they call it Rua du Amandoim or “Pistachio Street”, are clearly sloping, but no metal you roll from above If you throw the object under it, you will see it go down, go slowly and turn its stairs towards you, even if it is a car or bus that stopped it, even if it is loaded.

You also see this event on the unpaved Latera to Amendom Road in another city in the same state, and the video below shows “Al Arabia.Net” about that road, where parked cars climb up instead of getting off, and we see a young woman pouring water down the road to the rules of nature Aside from being paradoxical and going uphill in the sand, if you want to see videos of tourists throwing liquids and minerals on that path, what’s going on in it and Pistachio Street, you can find dozens of them on YouTube and other communication sites.

According to a strange natural phenomenon in Brazil, it occurs on the beach of Barra Grnde or “Big Piece” and is located 3 kilometers from the small town of Maracogi with a population of 35 thousand, and 125 kilometers from the capital city of Macau, in the north of Brazil. Two parts to each other, one of which is colder than the other, appears to be a road about 1000 meters long between them, which passers-by safely pass through, and they call it the Caminho do Moises or “Moses Road” in remembrance of the Prophet who split the stick with his stick to get out of Pharaonic Egypt.

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Separation of the ocean in that region is a normal occurrence of rare waves, except that the amplitude is only minus 0.1 to 0.6, and it is also confirmed at minus 0.1 – 0.2, according to somewhat complex explanations, I read. Keep in mind that with al-arabia.net, local science and other travel aids, you can visit the beach with a tour guide to see its deep sea split, and safely and confidently cross the “Moses Road” if you wish, when the sea suddenly destroys them by applying to Pharaoh and his warriors Promised not to do anything. Hulkin.

Sea split ceremony in Korea

In the video below, we see one of the dozens of Caminho do Moyes typed in the search box “YouTube” or other browsing sites, including the popular “Google”, and we see the split occurring slightly, and we hear the viewer speaking on the left side of the video. It is warmer than the right hand, and the forest path stretches 1,000 meters in front of it. We do not see any part of the two pieces mixed with the two, as they are a natural barrier, they both do not like the other until the wave turns, so the water drowns and covers the road.

The sea splitting phenomenon is not unique to Brazil. Seekers of the Jindo Sea Divide will occasionally find the sea splitting on South Korea’s “Jindo” Island in the northern part of the East China Sea, but they celebrate the actions of a famous island when it is separated by a sea island. Degenerates, and then appears 3 km of road, which separates the two splits until the wave reunites in an ocean.

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