Live Well: The Space That Lets You Find Your Well-Being Inside and Out

More and more people are realizing that in order to feel fulfilled on a daily basis, it is necessary to think about holistic well-being, that is, well-being that thinks both on the outside and on the inside. But for this, it is necessary to strategically choose products that will be part of everyday life, to think about the variety in food options and to prevent or pay attention to health problems. Therefore, they chose from Jumbo to make the task easier on consumers and created Viví Saludable, a space that promotes healthy eating, caring for the environment and overall well-being. The goal is to provide an informative service that helps to choose products and habits compatible with a healthy lifestyle and committed to protecting the environment.

At Viví Saludable you can find a wide variety of proposals, from pizza made with whole wheat flour, which is essential for providing a feeling of satiety and improving intestinal transit, to vegan cosmetics whose difference is that they do not contain any substance of animal origin.

Find products that are gluten-free, organic, vegan, low in sugar, sodium-free, trans fat-free, and more.old or old

According to the Bachelor of Nutrition report, Débora Solohaga (MP 4452), anyone wishing to have a routine consisting of healthy meals should focus on consuming the following six food groups:

● Fruits and vegetables (prioritizing those in season).

● Legumes, cereals, potatoes, bread and pasta.

● Dairy: cheese, yoghurt, milk or their vegetarian alternatives.

● Meat and eggs (You can also include options like tofu or seitan burgers or beans and cereals).

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● Oils, nuts and seeds.

● Sweets and fats. It is important to understand that they are included in the diet optional and in a smaller proportion than in the rest of the groups.

With Vivi Saludable, feeling better is possible.
With Vivi Saludable, feeling better is possible.old or old

Solohaga, who can be found on Instagram as @nutri.debo, shared.

The sectors with organic, gluten-free, low sugar, low sodium, trans fat, environmental care in perfumery, cleaning and beauty products are those that Jumbo provides in the Viví Saludable sector, both in physical and online, anyone who finds it difficult to make their everyday purchases personally solve it Just one click. You can find on the web everything from foods, cosmetics, and personal hygiene products to the words of specialists in nutrition, hygiene, health care, physical activity and rest. In addition, you will find recipes that excite you in this selection of balance and luxury.

Dare to discover living healthy and change your days.
Dare to discover living healthy and change your days.old or old

You have to give yourself the chance to lead a healthier life, even with a small adjustment. for the experience. For example, instead of buying regular flour, shop around Viví Saludable and buy coconut, carob, or even almond flour. Instead of going for the classic cereal, what if we took granola and combined it with seasonal fruit or with a delicious coffee? …it’s just a matter of attitude, choice, commitment and a smile.

I lived healthy in all the jumbo stores.
I lived healthy in all the jumbo stores.old or old

If you want different results, you have to do something different.


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