Live: Athletic scores and beat Barcelona in the Spanish League; No Common Reaction – Ten

49 & # 39; GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL Athlete, Iñigo Martinez went behind the Munion Center.

48 ‘ With no changes in the interval, we should note that Bursa has already replaced Pique with Arujo due to injury.

The second half starts in San Mamas.

The first time is over! Draw 0-0 in San Mames.

46 ‘ Goal canceled: Arajo Chile defined the goal but the referee blew the wrong whistle.

The 45 + 2 ‘referee adds two more minutes to this first half.

42 ‘ Atletico de Bilbao deserved to top the scoreboard, but they did not take advantage of their opportunities.

38 ‘ There were no dangerous plays in either area in the first two minutes of the game.

34 ‘ Near Williams! The center from the right ends forward, but his shot goes through the lateral web of Neto’s frame. Eventually it was offside.

31 ‘ Above Iñaki, the striker finished with a Berenguer cross, but it went high.

29 ‘ Change at FC Barcelona, ​​Pique injured and Arajo enters.

27 ‘ Isaac escaped from Eric Garcia, who did not leave him, resulting in the Barcelona player getting a foul and a yellow card.

25 ‘ Barcelona are in danger every time an athlete attacks.

23 ‘ In the race Williams challenged Eric, who beat him and took him to the penalty spot, and Jordi Alba Berner scored a penalty. At least what the athletic team said was that he was the one who stepped on the side of Bar பார்a despite looking back.

20 ‘ Debayn’s free kick reaching the hands of Agrisabal. Little by little Barcelona is approaching.

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17 ‘ De Jong’s best cut came when the Dutchman came to cover NATO’s error and saved Barcelona.

14 ‘ Barcelona choose patience to build the right attack on the athlete.

10 ‘ Mail! Sunset takes a great shot and his shot hits the crossbar, NATO was alone for the photo.

9 ‘Close Bilbao! Iñaki Williams wins the fight against Eric Garcia, takes a shot and saves a corner kick neto for the local team.

8 ‘ Barcelona are already taking the ball and creating danger to the athlete, the reference above is Debbie.

6 ‘ NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Debay makes a big move to the right, he throws the pass, it is left to Bright White, he blows it.

4 ‘ Barcelona were unable to cross the midfield and dominated with the athletic ball at their feet.

2 ‘ At this point Barcelona were nervous in the game, now it was Neto’s fault for not communicating properly with Pico and they give the athlete another corner kick.

1 ‘ Barcelona and the loss of the zone under the athlete surprised Barcelona in 39 seconds.


Athletes: அகிர்ரெசபலா; Legu, Vivian, Isico Martinez, Balenciaga; Beringouir, Danny Garcia, Ventador, Munian; Williams and Sunset

Barcelona: Neto, Dest, Eric, Piqué, Jordi Alba; Busquets, de Zhang, Petrie; Brightwhite, Griezmann and Memphis

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