Rager Reyes of UNAP became the 34th political prisoner in the last 85 days

On Friday night, August 20, Artega police arrested a Blue and White National Unity (UNAP) lawyer and a member of the Political Council. This was confirmed by the organisation’s press president, Jose Carey.

The well-known enemy of Genotepin (the industrial capital of Carazo) was abducted at Puma gas station on the outskirts of Managua at around 8:30 pm, about the same time Ordega police reported the rescue. Stolen woman in Madakalpa field.

Roger Reyes was not only part of the Political Council for National Unity, but also acted as a lawyer for the abducted Felix Maradia. So far we have no report on his whereabouts and we do not know where he is. Like the other arrests, no information was provided, ”Kare explained.

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Reyes is the 34th political prisoner in the last 85 days. However, police have not yet reported his arrest.

Reyes was summoned by the Ministry of Public Administration on June 8 for an interview with Felix Maradiga, the presidential candidate for the UNAP, after which he was arrested by the National Police.

When he went to the prosecutor’s office with Felix Maradia after June 8, Reyes did not return home for obvious reasons.

Carey confirmed that the National Division was taking the necessary steps to appoint a lawyer to carry out the necessary investigations into Reyes’ whereabouts.

Ricker Reyes dated Felix Maradia after being summoned by the prosecutor’s office on June 8. Respect / Press

“We are already in contact with his family and they are very concerned, however, knowing that there is a continuing persecution of the leaders of the National Unity and other opposition parties, he has already prepared them for his arrest. Institutions.”, Held.

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He also promised that the move would be another example of the persecution being carried out by the current administration against the opposition in the run-up to the November elections.

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“As the unit said, it is illegal and the national and international communities are unaware that elections, the regime is well aware that this election circus is all set to twist itself,” he concluded.

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