Lionel, Danilo, Margarita and Gonzalo finally say goodbye to Renault Parade Perez

Amid military honors, recognition of political figures and the cries of their relatives, the body of former Senate President Ronaldo Parade Perez was laid to rest Sunday afternoon.

During his final farewell, political parties were set aside to show solidarity with the family of the deceased and representatives of the major parties attended the funeral of the politician held at the Memorial Garden.

Speaking on behalf of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), Jose Ramன்n Fதுdl (Monci) described Renault Parade as an exceptional man, with excellent qualities and virtues, but a loyal friend and a man of no resentment.

He cited Ronaldo as Barrett’s lawyer, as a professor at the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD) and Utesa, as well as a successful PLT politician.

“He was the iconic figure of the PLD. With 45 years of political career. He always showed his face during the difficult moments of the party,” Fadul said.

On behalf of his relatives, they said they will remember him as a great father, brother, husband … a great host who loves feasts and enjoys dancing, an attentive person who opens the door and heart of his home.

They revealed that Renault Parade Perez is a lover of good music and literature. In his memory they played the melodies of Alberto Cortez’s song “When a Friend Goes Out”.

Then his brother Siegfried Parade Perez spoke about Ronaldo’s birth, his childhood, adolescence and his development.

Former presidents Danilo Medina and Lionel Fernandez at the funeral; Former Vice President Margarita Cedeño; Alfredo Pacheco, President of the Senate; Other personalities include Gonzalez Castillo.

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