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Five years after the Cuban Grand Masters’ last clash in the official competition at the Classical Games Linear Domingus (2760 ELO points) and Lazaro Prussian (2645) After emigrating from Cuba, in the third round of the currently competing United States National Chess Championship, he signed the table after 27 movements by the Italian Aberdura.

Brosnan, from Los Tunas, had a particular advantage in the power of white pieces at midcom, after “El Adolo de Keynes” sacrificed a knight in exchange for a few soldiers 14, but after several plays, Leiner followed an interesting sequence that allowed both chess players to return to shake hands peacefully He studied well to inspire.

All lovers of Cuban chess, yes or no, remembered the electrification matches for the Cuban title, both of which were won, in highly competitive games from start to finish. Or in 2016, when the two played in Cabablanca’s Memorial Tournament and settled their conflicts with two draws, Linear became much more of a chess player than the rest of the island, until he decided not to play in domestic competitions to defend his ELO.

Everyone knows what happened next: The two decided to leave Cuba in search of a better future in chess and their personal lives. So, since 2016, five years ago, they have never seen each other face to face, with the official match board, the two best chess players Cuba has provided in recent decades, the other virtual events they have created and some other quick games.

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According to, Linear and Brosnan played 35 official games with each other, with three wins and 29 draws per side. Since 2007, when Linear won one game In 24 sets of a Spanish Aberdura, all the conflicts between the two are drawn, 17 in a row, including today’s result

Returning to the U.S. Championship, Linear and Brosnan both scored 1.5 points after three games, which is of great value to the man from Las Tunas, who has not faced this level of competition with elite chess players in a long time. Brosnan, in addition to the tables against Linear, also finished second in the FIDE world rankings and against Fabiano Caruana (2800) and Samuel Schongland (2714).

In other matches of the day, Caruana defeated John Burke (2554), Sam Sevian (2654) and Jeffrey Seong (2700), while Darius Swire (2647) defeated Daniel Naroditsky (2623). Matches for Alex Lenderman (2607) between Ray Robson (2669) and Samuel Schongland (2714) and Wesley Cho (2778) ended in a draw.

After playing three rounds, Caruana, therefore, amassed two points each for Robson and Sevion to take first place in the tournament, followed by five chess players, including Linear and Brosnan, with 1.5 units.

This strong event, based on the “St. Louis Chess Club”, distributes interesting cash prizes to each of the 12 players who take part in it, considered one of the best in the country, perhaps not ranked 19th in the world by Hikaru Nagamura (2736). Linear ranks 14th in the world, while Brozan ranks 11th in the United States.

“During eleven rounds, these competitors will compete for the $ 194,000 prize money, qualifying for the World Championship Rotation and the prestigious title of United States Champion in 2021.” Official website Of the event. The first place totals 50 thousand dollars, the second 35 thousand and the third 25 thousand.

“We are pleased to have our major events back on the physics boards, and they continue to be welcomed by our club members, who always provide an exceptional experience for players and fans,” said Carol, managing director of the tournament.

Tomorrow, Saturday, the fourth round of the tournament will be played and Linear will face Shangland, while Brosnan will do the same against Burke, aligning both black pieces.

The match is broadcast live every day at 3:00 pm (local time) Watch today’s Linear Vs Bruson game Here

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