Liliana Rodriguez, daughter of Jose Luis ‘El Puma’ Rodriguez, makes an unexpected decision after surgery

Liliana Rodriguez Morillo He turned 55 on April 26. Both his mother Leila Morillo and his sister Lilliput sent him good news on the networks. Not so on the side of his father the Venezuelan singer Jose Louis ‘Puma’ Rodriguez, Not currently having a good relationship with him. However, Liliana He is happy and continues his life. A few days ago he returned to television with a special appearance on the Telemundo network, which was a success. The singer also showed some pieces of the “Mesa Caliente” project on the networks.

There, Liliana He talked about how he felt before getting the gastric sleeve: “Why would a woman who thinks she has control of everything ruin herself? ‘Oh, poor man, no one loves you: O poor man, your husband does not love you; Alas, your father does not love you, he despises you in public … It allows you to overeat and abandon you and abandon you because you are poor ”.

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