Cuban TV anchor Irela Bravo pulled her hair to see if she was wearing a wig

Cuban presenter and actor Antonio Arroyo He pulled the actress’s hair Airela Bravo This became the culmination of a series of unfortunate events during an interview for the show to make sure she wasn’t wearing a wig. All with Tony.

From the swimming pool Luxury Grand Packard HotelIn Havana, Arroyo and Irela spoke about various topics, particularly the imprint the actress has left over the years; Although this interview attempts to pay tribute to one of Cuba’s most popular artists, it is not without criticism.

At one point in the show, host Irela suggested Bravo adjust her wig, to which she replied that she wasn’t wearing fake hair and let her pull her hair to prove it.

“They told me the same thing once on the street,” Bravo said.

However, other questions were very rough with the actress Live the storyWhen Arroyo asked him if he got Botox, slept in his underwear or shaved.

These last two questions could have been asked by the show’s audience, to which the guest exclaimed: “He doesn’t care.”

Screenshot Facebook / Antonio Arroyo

Although the actress tried to hide her surprise at the question, she couldn’t prevent a nervous smile mixed with anger on her face for wanting to air public state television features that were only relevant to her private life.

Arroyo’s failure to interview someone she’s known since she was 14 reverberated on social networks, where many women came to Airela’s defense and denounced the machismo at the center of the show.

Yadira Oliva, a member of the Facebook group Cuban Mothers for a Better World, publicly apologized to the TV host for what she did.

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Facebook screenshot

“Tolerating these insults is enough to entertain anyone. The public who admire artists, actresses and professionals want to see them talk about their projects, their lives,” Oliva wrote, adding that other actresses should not participate in the show. .

On Twitter, user “Liz y ya…” described what happened on the program as “the end of an era,” while Irela slammed Bravo for disrespectful and inappropriate questions.

As of this writing, Antonio Arroyo has not commented on the criticism or apologized for his actions.

All with Tony It is a television show that premiered its first season in 2012, had a second season in 2013 and, after a hiatus of several years, returned to Cuban screens.

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