Liga de Espaானாa: Real Madrid star harmed, criticized for being too lazy to train | Spanish League

Eden Hazard’s injuries may have left him out of Real Madrid’s plans and, as a result, the center of criticism in Spain, may have had an unexpected explanation: is he working too hard?

At least his former teammate in Chelsea, the talented John O’Brien Michael, has been left in the air, revealing an unknown aspect of Belgium in an interview with The Athletic.

“Harm is one of the most talented players I’ve ever had, he had it all: speed, power, skill, technique … he was behind Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. But only if he wanted to. He sometimes said, ‘Yes. I am very. I want to be good, I can be, not as good as Messi, because he’s from another planet, but I think I could be closer to Cristiano, better ‘… but he’s not so dedicated. He’s not well trained, he’s very bad The player. The training I played, “he commented.

In fact, as early as 2019, the African had already told Payne Sports: “When we were training, he waited until he could stand up. He was a lazy player, but on Sundays he was always the best in the game. Incredible.”

“Why is he so bad? My God. Eden, Eden, Eden … ahh. Nobody said anything because he was so good. He would come on Saturday and win the game for us, he’s the Man of the Match. But on Monday and Tuesday, he was in training, he was there. It was like no. Standing, wandering. Everyone fights, screams at games, he’s not done it all. But you saw him on the pitch, how good he was .. .. it’s not fair that some people are so talented! “, Milkel concluded.

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There Real Madrid began to search for an explanation and could find a solution to the problem of long-term injury of harm: does he work too hard and does it affect his ability when it comes to competition? At this point, nothing can be ruled out.

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