first coworking space in Colombia for artists and creatives

Gang was born from the need to create an ideal space for artists and freelancers to develop a work, an idea or a design project, manual and creative in addition to promote collaborative creation and the economic reactivation in times of pandemic.

We opened the doors on November 3, 2020 and in four months of operation we have already had 200 apprentices, 103 users of the spaces and workshops. This project is a bit the sum of many previous experiences put in the same place, it is infrastructure, it is learning and it is community.”, Says Diego Parra, co-founder and CEO of Cuadrilla.

The infrastructure of the place is distributed in shared, specialized and sectorized work areas according to the type of work required, all divided by transparent acrylics so that people can see each other and there is even more inspiration and exchange of ideas and knowledge.

This business model is unique in Colombia and has basic and unlimited access plans, which allows access to workspaces and workshops available in person with groups of maximum 10 people and virtually the carpentry course, all have the necessary equipment and machinery to work carpentry, ceramics, metals, screen printing, textiles, among others.

Sustainable and friendly space

The structure designed by the architect stands out Sebastian serna who, in an area of ​​1,300 meters, made a friendly place with the environment; It is framed by a hanging garden, which has a totally sustainable irrigation system.

We have more than 100 plants, in order to water them we create a rainwater recycling system, and from the same point we pump to water them every other day; We do not waste water from the aqueduct and we are interested in continuing to devise ways to reduce our impact, Explains Parra.

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Rainwater is recovered from the roof of the structure that has 500mtwo and that then falls through some gutters to be stored in tanks with a capacity of 3,000 liters, which is later destined to irrigate both the internal garden and for the use of bathrooms and the cleaning of some of the workshops that do not require water impeccable.

And as a complement, have grease traps plus a solid particle recycling system installed in the dyeing, screen printing and ceramic workshops to ensure that the water that reaches the sewer is as clean as possible.

For Cuadrilla it is important that its users, collaborators, investment partners, the city and the country are well, as well as the environment. For some people it may still sound utopian, but we do not conceive the possibility of being well, if the environment is not well, if we do not preserve it, there is no Squad. ” Indica Parra, on the conception of sustainability and balance of the environment of this project.

Finally, it is important to note that it is not just a workshop, also its users will find the possibility of being surrounded by creative people and thus being able to exchange ideas, projects and even close deals with each other.

For those who want to meet and learn with Cuadrilla, they can enter the website:
or schedule a visit to see the space located in the Carrera 15 # 52a-41 in Bogotá.

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