Fernanda Castillo reveals her baby face and gives a strong message to women

Fernanda Castillo reveals her baby face and gives a strong message to womenWell, when he celebrated his birthday, he reflected on all the things he was grateful for.

It was during a family trip these days Agapulco, Where Fernanda Castillo She had the opportunity to let her baby know the ocean, show up after childbirth, relax a bit after health issues, and recover at home after being evacuated.

Is known to be unforgettable. “Monica Robles“, From the series”Lord of the heavens”,“Roxana Rodels“of”The closest enemy“Y”Sophia Corranza“In”King”, Fernanda Castillo She has continued to add success to her career as an actress in film, drama and television.

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Although Fernanda Castillo She has not yet spoken out about what she experienced when she suffered from postpartum health problems, followers of the actress’ return to social media are happy, she told herself that she needs time to heal and process what she has experienced, so you can always see the importance of personal strength, now, at just 39 years old. He shares a strong message with the right people that reminds us of those around us and more.

Fernanda Castillo proudly shows her son’s face

Very squeezing, facing the sun, Fernanda Castillo, Eric Hazer Y Liam Hazer Castillo For more than three months, they have appeared on Instagram, joined in a warm-up and with a message inspiring followers of the popular actress.

This year, more than ever, I celebrate my life! I celebrate being healthy, I celebrate being a mother, I can see my baby growing, I celebrate so much love and unity around me, and so many more laughs that make me feel like a baby. Celebrating those difficult moments made me stronger and grateful! Celebrate deep love and affection! Thanks for one more year! Happy birthday to me!

The film was full of congratulations and compliments because it was without a doubt a different birthday Fernanda Castillo, First as a mother, after overcoming serious health problems and with a successful life under her arm. For the first time, we got to see his son’s face, which seems to resemble his father’s talented actor Eric Heiser.

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His family could not be more grateful to have him here, he said, adding that he is a force beyond the screen and never tires of celebrating the opportunities life has given him, making the most of every moment. Thus, without makeup, life is with men, anytime Fernanda Castillo She was so beautiful and happy.

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