Lift versus. Barcelona – Match Report – May 11, 2021

(Jordi Blanco) – Barcelona have no choice but to stick to a miracle to win the league. In Valencia, they lost two of their last three league appearances against a Levante, with an unimaginable balance remaining at the end of the first half and nothing indescribable at second glance. The final 3-3 explains what this Parsia truth is between frustration and delusion.

An illusion, in a bad way, the night the leader was able to go to bed, it led to destruction. Since putting all the pressure on Atletico and Real Madrid, he gave them the league.

The end of the course is approaching, the decisive moment, and the forces are stumbling. In the previous one Koman had warned him and his team showed it on the field. Anyone who can wait for a huge monument to Porcia on Atletico and Real Madrid should quickly believe that this is not a sign that this is a fact, to put pressure on an opponent who has played anything other than honor Rawat.

He plugged in and came out, betting on a quick penalty, and hit the target twice in five minutes. Until Lavender established himself, he dominated with more enthusiasm than football, took his dose and began to treat him considering his fluidity. It is difficult for the team to flow with the ball, to integrate smoothly, and even more so, to physically impose themselves. Some of his players are almost unconnected, which leaves him at the expense of a side of geniuses, thankfully … or Messi, of course.

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Messi. Surely. It Leo Approaching the game in half an hour and at least Parsia created a low volley, unthinkable and unable to give the first blow to restore calm. After a long time, when Lavender was trying to recover his emotions, he was the one who gave a ball to Temple’s life and had already reached the castle within a small area to get a little help. Petrie, Only had to win 0-2.

Suffering … and fall

Punished party. Logically, it was out of necessity because once that leadership was reached, I could not imagine what had happened. What happened? Arajo was wounded, and he entered Sergei Roberto, Changed the map, suddenly, security was a joke.

Without explanation, Persia lost all composure and serenity. Levante advanced lines, Koman’s team began to lose more and more balls, using the indescribable pajara, Der Stegen conceded two goals from Melero and Morales … and between them he got another chance to rise.
The catastrophe was known historically. Need to fall into the undeniable hell and hurriedly hit the table. He did it with an excellent blow from Tempele, which returned the advantage on the scoreboard, though not in the game, less and less solvent and headless. Confidence in allowing minutes to pass without overcoming fears …

Until the final fear came, Sergio Leone again mocked a terrible defense to balance the three. Couldn’t believe it. At night he could not accept the fact that he gave a blow to the league and put Atletico and Real Madrid on the ropes of pressure, leaving the victory on the road.

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But he did. Not much can be expected when one expects to wake up in a bad way from this Parsia who has made a great comeback for three months. In the last four games, seven of the controversial twelve points have been dropped along the way. Too much to dream of anything.

Goodbye to the league …

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