Letters were sent to Danilo Medina by his brother Alexis

The Ministry of Public Works Indicates what was discovered Cards Addressed the former President of the Republic Danilo Medina, Via Alexis Medina, Said equipment tenders were awarded to companies of the former president’s brother where supply to various hospitals was required.

Blame it on those trapped in the network Operation Antipulpo Establishes January 17, 2013 Jose Maria Cabral and Pace Regional University Hospital Sent one from Santiago Communication Directed by Danilo Medina, Via Alexis Medina, Indicates the need for ventilators for the intensive care unit.

The Public Ministry document points to another Communication Of the recommended health center, addressed to the former president and specifying the equipment and material requirements of the center.

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In addition, they found two jobs from the same health center, requiring ventilators for the center’s intensive care unit. Alexis Medina, “We are testing the influence of the accused Juan Alexis Medina Sanchez used to gain economic benefits through public contracts and other circumstances of the case in the health sector.

According to the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic, they found two officers Hospital Provincial Doctor. Torrebio Bencosme Y Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance Requirements for supplies and medical equipment, attachment of wish list and motivation for requesting emergency area for children.

The prosecution confirms that the accused Juan was influential Alexis Medina Sanchez to reap economic benefits through public contract in the health sector.

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