Leona Lewis Shared her Awkward and Alleged Experience with Michael Costello 


Our beautiful singer Leona lewis shared her experience with Michael Costello in the year 2014. Recently she was sharing an uncomfortable experience with Michael. Most of the fans are shocked after hearing this news. Leona received great success for her “Bleeding love” after this success she decided to share this alleged experience on her social media pages. She had some interaction with him in 2014. At that time, she analyzed his behavior. Moreover, she is also sharing some shocking news at that time. Once upon a day, Michael is changing her dress and fitting the dress of Leono. At that time, she feels so uncomfortable doing the dressing with her. 

I was made to feel very uncomfortable": Leona Lewis calls out Michael  Costello for allegedly humiliating her at a charity event 

She is writing this story on Instagram about this dressing experience with him. Furthermore, she mentioned that she usually doesn’t talk about these themes but at that time she wants to share these experiences with others because of her anxiety. And she is clearly said that she does not tolerate these bullies but she wants to apologize for what Michael Costello experienced. This incident simply describes that Micheal was walking around the dressing room when our singer was dressing at that place. Yes, she described Michael as not being allowed to walk around the dressing place in the fashion show for charity. Even more, she said that when she was changing the sample size dresses at that time, he was creating an awkward and shaming experience, and our team is also given the importance for the change it and suit me. Furthermore, she has not stopped that and it has continued as this incident did not stop that day and it continued for the next day also when she is dressed me.

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He commits with her and the show is made well aware and shapes her mind. Because of this incident, she was calling him the racist in 2014. Yes, this incident was occurring for a long time but now she was sharing this experience on her Instagram page because of her anxiety. This news is getting more likes within the minutes and it also gets more sharing. This news is spreading as viral news on social media pages. Moreover, this news is also considered shocking news for Michael’s fans. Some of the people are accepting and shocked by this news. Meanwhile, some of the people are not accepting this news. Anyways, we know some true things behind the fashion industry and incidents. 


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