Famous Mexican Band Los Bukis Reunite is Occur for 1st Tour for 25 years


Our Mexican band Los Bukis are planning to reunite for the concert tour and they have decided to bring them together for the first time in 25 years. There are five members are presented in the team such as Marco Antonio, Roberto Guadarrama, Cortez, Pedro Sanchez, and Jose Javier. These members are making the planning and announced that Reunion in the Stadium on Monday. This was considered the first tour of Los bukis after 25 years. At that time, Joel Solis and Jose are connected in the remote video. The iconic bands are based on Latin music for the three concerts. 

Mexican band Los Bukis to reunite for 1st tour in 25 years


They are the most famous music band union. This team is looking for the many pirates and important days. In the team, the three members are decided to give the iconic bands music for Aug 27 and this performance is followed by Chicago’s performance for the soldier field on September 4. At that time, the members shared their proud feelings. Moreover, they are also called for the final night and another session in the soldiers club then they re enjoyed doing their service for the soldier’s field. This performance occurred at the AT&T Stadium on September 15 at Arlington which is located in Texas. Our famous lead singer Marco gives the news conference in the pandemic situation. Moreover, they shared their worrying situation in the pandemic time. Yes, the pandemic period was affecting the different types of fields. In the ways, it also affects the musical field. 

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Some of the people are moving to other jobs but some of the people do not have the mind to change their jobs. But this pandemic period is affecting lots of people’s lives and cultures in the market. They are also mentioned that the deep into our conscience helps to see what was presented here. And they are added that It is the ticket for welcoming the new ideas added. This news makes a greater impact on the people and they are eagerly waiting to watch their performance. 


The tickets are called “History sung” or the “Una Historia Canada” which is available for resale at the beginning of the city Entertainment at 10 a.m. the tickets sales are going the ongoing sales and these sales are starting on Friday at 10 a.m local. Most of them arrive to buy these tickets because this performance is present after a long day. Then the people are rushing for booking their tickets. 



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