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The first president was the leader of the movement at this time, but his order was far from the beginning.

In the first six months of Lennon Moreno’s government, in 2017, “divorce” was insisted on. Allianza liaised with the leaders of PAIS (AP), Raphael Correa and George Klaus, accusing them of betraying the political program they had created. Internal divisions in the movement and its followers have already identified themselves as two camps: the Gorestas and the Mornistas.

This is the beginning of the internal disintegration that was finalized yesterday when Moreno demanded the removal / resignation of Andhra Pradesh, which had been in power three or two terms as Korea’s vice president in 2007 and 2013. It ends on May 24 this year.

According to analysts, the Allianz PAIS went from being a political steamer to being in the abyss

When the first attempt to separate Moreno from the team’s teams was dismissed by a national order in 2017, “he did not perform his duties properly”.

In November of that year, the National Electoral Council (CNE) acknowledged that the Moreno-led leadership was still at the forefront of the movement. At the Seventh National Conference, in August 2018, in Guayaquil, Moreno was unanimously re-elected National Leader of the Movement.

But the criticism did not stop dissatisfaction not only from the Gorista faction but also among the AP militants, who forged good relations with irrelevant political groups or leaders.

Patricio Barica, Andhra Pradesh’s second national vice-president and former vice-presidential candidate, said they had appointed the Ethics Commission two weeks ago to respond to complaints and demands of militancy about violations, small and serious, non-attendance of national leadership sessions.

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CNE recognizes Lennon Moreno as National President of Allianz PAIS

He said Moreno was able to “disguise himself” at the time to agree with some of the AP’s policies and values, but he went too far with his agenda and policies in practice and in the exercise of power. Movement.

Moreno’s decision was not surprising because his “brave” behavior was not a voluntary act, but a response to the disciplinary process, and now Abby is looking for a restoration.

According to Barika, Moreno’s conduct has been in question since last year because of internal discussions about the government’s economic, international and social policy.

As of May 2018, they saw an “arrangement” from the government program, a “sudden” decision to adopt an agenda similar to that of the opposition, to secede from Unasur and to adopt a policy favorable to the financial sector. , Among others.

Allianz PAIS re-elects Lenin as president and serves in coalition

Jimina Pena, a former Andhra presidential candidate and a member of the Ethics Commission, called Moreno’s presidency “paper” in the movement because it was not in line with the organisation’s political and economic policies.

In addition to the complaint filed with the Ethics Commission, other factors such as economic and international policy inconsistent with Andhra Pradesh’s directives are also included.

Executive Secretary Gustavo Baroza is the national leader, who he meets permanently, and said a national conference will be held in the coming weeks to move forward with a restructuring process and appoint new officers. (I)

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