Lawyer investigates distribution of food parcels with Salvador government emblems in Mexico News from El Salvador

Hundreds of boxes of food from the Salvador government’s health emergency program were distributed in Mexico. The attorney general, Raul Melara, has said he has opened an investigation.

The Attorney General’s Office (FGR) has opened an investigation into how food parcels were distributed to the people of Salvador in a municipality in northern Mexico, as recently published by the digital newspaper El Foro.

On February 13, the previous December, 1,500 food parcels labeled with the emblems of the Salvador government and from the Health Emergency Program (PES) were distributed by Morena’s mayoral candidate, Juan Carlos Casares Santo. Officer, in the municipality of Talahuvilo in the state of Durango.

During the voting of candidates for magistrates, the Attorney General of the Republic confirmed that the distribution of food parcels with Salvador logos in Mexico is being investigated. Retrieved from eTeledos_tcs.

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“There is an open file, as we did when the packages were found at an Arena headquarters, just as we did when the packages were found at the headquarters of a democratic transition. Apparently the attorney general’s office looks after the interests of the state. It is our duty to make sure that the aid packages for the Salvadorans in Mexico really exist …” this Sunday Attorney General Raul Melara said.

The officer then issued his statements Vote for Supreme Court Justices (CSJs)

The inquiry comes after El Foro announced on December 24, 2020 that 1,500 packages equivalent to 30 tonnes of food had been distributed.

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The distribution took place on December 24, 2020, and was later published on the official Facebook page of the Department of Irrigation No. 6, in which Cரேzarez stated that “the amount of 1,500 well-stored pantries equivalent to 30 tons of food on December 24, 2020, in support of the houses of the various ejidos that make up the irrigation block provided today”.

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To date, the government has been silent on the 30-tonne food that was paid for with public funds from the citizens of Salvador.

After learning of the news that the packages had been distributed in Mexico, the delegates responded a few days ago, asking both the prosecutor’s office and the accounting court to investigate what had happened to the ex officio.

Legislators agree that the packages are purchased with cash from “all Salvadorans payable” loans. They therefore said an in-depth investigation was needed to find out who gave the order.

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