Tremors in Puerto Rico today, April 13 – RSPR Live Seismic Report | composition

Puerto Rico is one of the most seismically active islands because it crosses several important geological faults, the most active being the Puerto Rico Trench. In that context, I am giving you detailed information on the time, center and magnitude of the last earthquakes recorded today, Saturday, April 13. .

The RSPR is responsible for monitoring seismic activity on the island. Your data is used by federal agencies USGS, FEMA and NOAA To update tsunami warnings and seismic hazard maps.

Tremors in Puerto Rico today, April 13 – live via RSPR

Review the Seismic Network's official report on recent recorded earthquakes Mayagüez, San Juan, Ponce and other municipalities of Puerto Rico today, April 13.

What measures should be taken during an earthquake or earthquake?

– Get on the ground, cover yourself and hold on! Only perform steps that allow you to get under a safe place, such as a desk or sturdy table. .

– Stay away from windows, mirrors, mirrors, exterior doors or walls, and anything that may fall on you, such as lamps and furniture.

– If you are on the street: stay away from power poles and cables.

* If you are in a building: stay away from windows and exterior walls and take cover under a table or desk. Stay there until the movement is over. Do not use the elevator.

* A moving car: Stop the vehicle as quickly as possible and stay inside until the tremors pass. Avoid parking near or under buildings, trees, bridges or power lines.

Places where most earthquakes occur in Puerto Rico:

  • The Ponce fault zone is located in the southern part of the island.
  • Mona Passage is the strait between Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.
  • The Puerto Rico Trench is an underwater trench located north of Puerto Rico.
  • Canal de los Muertos is an underwater canal located south of Puerto Rico.
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What is the Puerto Rico government's plan to mitigate earthquakes in the country?

The government of Puerto Rico has an extensive plan to mitigate earthquakes in the country. The program consists of various activities which include:

  • Strengthening building codes. The government is trying to strengthen building codes so that new buildings can withstand earthquakes. These include requiring stronger materials and more earthquake-resistant construction methods.
  • Implementation of Earthquake Early Warning System. An earthquake early warning system warns people of an impending earthquake, giving them time to seek shelter and avoid injury. The government is working to implement such a system in Puerto Rico.
  • Create awareness among the public about earthquakes. The government is working to educate the public about earthquakes so people know how to prepare for and respond to them. This includes public awareness campaigns and educational materials.
  • Infrastructure development. The government is working to improve infrastructure in Puerto Rico to withstand earthquakes. This includes strengthening bridges, roads and other critical infrastructure.

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