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MEXICO CITY. — In recent weeks, Laura Sabada has once again been embroiled in various controversies on the show, and now she is no exception as she continues to regret it with actress Gustavo Adolfo Infante for arguing with her lawyer on a live show.

The artist opened a project on the platform for entertainment journalism, where he asked to be removed from Imagine Television via Twitter.

As if that wasn’t enough, the actress called on her followers to join the effort and get the driver to leave the project.

Immediate rejection of Gustavo Adolfo information from Imagine TV shows – sign the petition! ”, The actress wrote, but not before she started herself against the entertainment journalist.

As if that wasn’t enough, artist Gustavo Adolfo Infant called it “Molgazet legs, misogynist, jerk, ugly and neckless”, and surprisingly, the actress has already received 4,000 signatures from her fans in response to her request.

Also, as if that wasn’t enough in the ‘El Escorbian Torado’ post, the presenter revealed that Zapada is a complicated person and that they already had issues in the past, but since he struggled on the live show, the actress matters with the lawyer.

Gustav Adolfo Infante is embroiled in a strong controversy when he fully discusses with the actress’ lawyer, who is defending him from the asylum complaint that his grandmother Donna Eva Mange was there, where he is said to have been mistreated.

The driver revealed that the lawyer was not the right person to take the actress’ case, so Laura did not think she had made this type of statement, so she showed her annoyance on her Twitter account.

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