“Tomorrow will be beautiful,” says Yale, running the networks.

“Tomorrow will be beautiful” was his catchphrase Yalin went viral With a photo published on his Instagram account, in which he is seen in a studio, it turned on social networks, because it is not a simple sentence, but the name of the new album. Carol G., For whom his fans have created a rivalry with the Dominican.

For their part, Yaile’s followers say Tembosera is only trying to follow in the footsteps of her husband Anuel AA and his ex-girlfriend and “invoice” with their names, so they expect her to record the shooting as they did. .

Let’s remember that Anuel and Carol’s latest songs are based on notes for each other and for Yellen. He was quiet.

In February 2022, Carole and Becky G released their hit single “Mamiyi”, which the Colombian reportedly wrote with Puerto Ricans in mind.

On February 24, Carol joins Shakira on “TQG.” Part of his album “Manana Ser Bonito”. For that matter, both took swipes at their former partners and their current partners.

Then, on March 2, Anuel responded in a more romantic way than we’re used to “Richer Than Yesterday” premiered.

On May 4, Anuel didn’t want to stop making number ones and remakes based on the talk, this time he continued with “Mejor que yo”. With this song, he started a campaign to mention it in his concerts “La Pichota” and who they refer to as her boyfriend, Ft.

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