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Laura Flores has always tried to maintain her beauty over time. The 57-year-old Mexican actress admitted her obsession with having cosmetic procedures on her body, which created embarrassing moments when Botox hit one of her eyebrows and she had to resort to a drastic decision as she recorded a TV show. .

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Flores He said his interventions were targeted Find a well-being with your image. But, in some cases, I do it the wrong way for her.

In one case, a DivorceShe pointed out that she had undergone surgery for her illness. “When I get divorced, I’m not going to go into details, but when I find out about the circumstances, my face and pride start to itch.”, It was calculated in a local way.

He added that he had told her I wanted one “Savita’s belly”. “I do not like the little pendant I have”, He pointed out. Just like that moment, there was another chance Actress He abused the treatment. “Beauty”.

What became of Laura Flores’ face due to Botox?

Picture of Laura Flores Placeholder He said it was used Botox In the face “Smooth“There were wrinkles and a flaw, it left her as a character”Wrong”.

“Botox has become fashionable, and the good thing is, you’re missing it. Once my hand went with Botox, I looked like a ‘mallificent’. The eyebrows were raised., He described.

The Mexican actress He reacted immediately to that drastic decision Cosmetics Because I was in the middle TV program And could not have looked like that before Cameras.

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How many times has Laura Flowers got married?

And singer Laura Flores Se Case Twice with the first Sergio Fechelli, With whom he was 1986 and 1989.

And then he did it Raman DiasTheir relationship lasted 1998 Up to 2007. In addition, he has four children.

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