“I would have loved her”: El Canolo Alvarez’s embarrassing moment announcing himself to Lucero (video)

Last Tuesday Posada d Respect Team Finance Where they were Lucero Y Manual Mijaras, Who were in charge of entertaining the show. However, there was great surprise SaulCanelloAlvarez He exploded on stage, grabbed the mic and performed a song.

The boxer had the opportunity to give her flowers and dedicate a song to the call.Bride of America“It’s not surprising that the athlete expressed the singer and actress’ frenzied interest. When he approached her, he gave her a kiss on the cheek, noting that it created a smile on his face.”Canello“.

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“Canelo” is a song dedicated to Lucero

For his part, Lucero brilliantly continued his presentation before the cheers of the participants who cheered the action on with the boxer. This action led to Alvarez They will be encouraged to climb the stage to dedicate a love song.

SaulCanelloAlvarez He wrote “That and More” Joan Sebastian. During the show, Manual Mijarus, The singer’s ex-husband, was close and did nothing but smile and applause for what was done by the world champion.

Immediately, the move was reflected on social media, where followers expressed their enthusiasm for showing humility and heroism. “CanelloBut others pointed out that the gesture was due to a flirtation with the translator of “CuĂ©ntame”, especially due to the kiss on the cheek.

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