LA PRENSA Police do not allow workers to enter offices

A police chief who led the seizure of LA PRENSA facilities this Sunday assured the newspaper’s press team that workers coming to the offices this Monday had no access. The police chief, who did not identify himself, said they were “on a special job” during the “in-depth investigation”.

The investigation they are quoting is very deep, yesterday (Saturday) they called five workers and they are coming, I don’t know, maybe you are lucky, they are going to quote you. I do not know if they are going to summon all of them, but the police summoned five people yesterday, which is why I tell them now, nothing can be accessed now and no one can pass by, “he said.

The officer came out arrogantly and arrogantly after two policemen called him when the group came to ask. He added that in a threatening and mocking tone, workers would be summoned as part of the investigation.

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On Friday, August 13, the LA PRENSA facility was raided by police in Managua, 4.5 kilometers north of the highway. The workers inside were unharmed for several hours. Later, the police issued a press release saying that the newspaper was being investigated for alleged crimes of customs fraud and money laundering.

The general manager of LA PRENSA, Juan Lorenzo Holman, was inside the facility during the raid and was detained for 15 hours. He did not leave after that. At noon on Saturday, police confirmed Holman was in custody, under investigation for the same crimes being investigated by the newspaper.

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In addition: IACHR condemns the arrest of Juan Lorenzo Holman, Secretary of the Board of Directors of LA PRENSA

Within the facilities of the newspaper, riot police and police patrol are maintained.

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