Julio Schreier: Lopez Obrador’s legal adviser backtracks, saying “we must cover the mouths of reporters”

Julio Schreiber Ibra is coming to a show in 2019 at the National Palace.Victoria Voltera / Quartoscuro

Andres Manuel Lபpez Obrador Julio Schrer Ibra, the legal adviser to the President of Mexico, shouted this Tuesday: “We must also cover the mouths of reporters!” He did so by criticizing the National Electoral Commission (INE) for warning the president that he could be punished and arrested if he continued to address election-related issues at his press conferences next June in violation of the election. Law. “It’s disrespectful,” Screer said. A few hours later, he apologized on his Twitter account.

Son of the founder of the weekly magazine Process, Scherrer, who made a few important points in the last phase of the PRI before the turn of the century, pointed out that the INE issue with Lopez Obrador was about the ambassador and not much in the news. “You have to tell them [a los reporteros] What should not be asked is not to endanger the president, ”he told journalist Carmen Aristegui. The interview has been viralized on the networks, causing rejection and leading support because it has been routine for months. Later, Screer apologized by sending a message on his Twitter account: “My unconditional respect for journalists is absolute. I apologize for this. “

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As the elections revolve around a corner, the political class is emphasizing its polarization, which has been stable since December 2018 when the current administration took office. On June 6, citizens will vote to renew the Chamber of Deputies, governors in several states, and mayors in hundreds of cities. In the run-up to the campaign, a controversy erupted over last-minute legislative reforms. With a majority in Congress, Morena and her allies are pushing for regulatory change before the end of the current session on April 30. One of the reforms was to extend the decree of Arturo Saldov, the head of the nation’s Supreme Court..

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Schreier mentioned in an interview the issue, which has dominated public debate in Mexico for the past two weeks. April 15 to 23 Congress approved to extend the order of the President of the Supreme Court of the Nation, Faced criticism from the opposition who came to call the reform a “conspiracy”. Arguments to the contrary point out that hasty reform is unconstitutional, with the intention of going unnoticed as much as possible. Lopez Obrador has said for his part that he has faith in Jaldevar. “If this period of time is extended for him to lead the reform of the judiciary, I agree,” the president said last week.

After the approval of the reform, the allegations against Lopez Obrador, who allegedly interfered with the judiciary, did not wait long, which provoked a positive and even reaction within Morena. Porbrio Munoz Ledo, one of Morena’s historical representatives, devoted an hour and a half to criticizing the change in the chamber’s rostrum on the day of approval: Memory! For this unwise plan that violates the political constitution of the country, we have done since 1988 to establish a democratic order in the country, not a dictatorial republic! ”.

In this regard, Schreier said that “there was a storm in a glass of water.” The president’s legal adviser has insisted that “the president is determined to intervene in the judiciary, but the president is defending a view, which is all right.” In other similar reforms, the adviser criticized that “the best judges do not talk about the unconstitutionality of this.”

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Mexican President Julio Scherrer traveled with Ibra in October 2020.
Mexican President Julio Scherrer traveled with Ibra in October 2020.Galo Canas / Quartoscuro

The attorney notes that the extension of the mandate of several members of the Federal Judicial Electoral Tribunal, which was approved by the Senate in 2016, was later overturned by the PRI. “Those wonderful judges who say the president wants to take over the judiciary are not going to campaign like they are doing today for something that has not yet been decided,” Scherr added.

What is expected now is that the opposition will appeal to the reform, and its constitution will be decided by the country’s Supreme Court (SCJN). In several interviews last week, Jaltawar insisted that the court – which he presides over – would have the last word. Regarding the extension of the order, the Minister has indicated that the President has no intention of extending it.

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