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This day The German Super Cup, A match against two of the most powerful clubs in the country, The Bayern Menich y Borussia Dortmund, Where was one Very different picture Who stole the reflectors: Goretska ‘Burlandos’ by Earling Holland.

The Bayern Munich won the German Super Cup If specified 1-3, Defeats Borussia Dortmund And consolidating its ‘power’ in the country, which it has been doing for some years.

Why did Koretska make fun of Holland?

When the party continued its course The marker went against Of Borussia Dortmund, Something that group markers usually do happened, and that’s it Earling Holland He asked the fans to show their support despite the adverse situation they were experiencing.

Earling Holland Began to do Hand gestures He asked to encourage the fans and those who want to go back Bayern Munich, But the truth is, they are somewhat ‘exaggerated’ I moved them in circles and up and down But with great force.

Leon Goretzka, Who is behind Earling Holland, Saw Norwegian in the front row and His laughter could not be suppressed, Because in appearance He didn’t do it to hurt him Or something like that, just The way was fun In it he moved like many others on social networks.

Holland proved his need to turn the score around, Something that was appreciated by fans, but many agreed that it ‘passed’ a little bit Ask for public support.

In the end Holland failed to score a goal Even if it starts with everything Bundesliga And his team lost German Super Cup, But the way he plays and the way he motivates his teammates and the public continues to show that he is a different player.

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