Koman has not looked back or forward since his encounter with LaPorte, and his future is still in the air

Barcelona – Ronald Koeman continues as Barcelona manager. It is impossible to know whether he will hold that position beyond this week, nor can he guess whether he will start the season in a position where he has been trembling for weeks, but he is in it right now.

This Tuesday he held a meeting with President John LaBorte, Sports Vice President Rafael Euste and Football Director Matt Almani. He arrived at the club at 8:00 pm with his representative Rob Johnson … and 30 minutes later he left the offices without any incident. It was a work meeting from the company itself, and no worries.

Indeed, and surprisingly, the Dutch newspaper quoted a statement from Telegraph coach’s agent Rob Johnson, in which he said he was “very optimistic” after the meeting with the club that Koman would not be able to fulfill his contract, but would extend his tenure on the Porcia bench even further next season.

The skeptical crowd was sure to know the club’s decision about the coach, whether it was a commitment for next season or the conclusion of his contract, without doubting what would happen in the next few days, two scenes from the club and its immediate surroundings were possible.

The club wants to show a picture of nature outside the door, in this sense, Koman, along with his agent, was applauded for leaving the offices, along with vice president Rafael Euste, and the two said goodbye.

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The coach maintains his intention to fulfill the remaining contract season, and in the morning learned of a meeting he is set to sign with Giorgino Vijnoldom’s lawyer Mattoo Alemani, the coach who advised the signing Liverpool midfielder to keep its continuity close.

If fired, a deal would have to be reached to compensate Goman, who offered to reduce his salary for the club in the first half of the season, but if he was dismissed before his contract could be executed until June 2022, the amount he pardoned at the time, the salary for the second year and agreed when he signed for the club in August 2019 Has the right to collect the amount of compensation taken. In total, about 8 million euros.

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